Shout Out today to the Greensboro NABA

The Greensboro NABA(National Adult Baseball Association) has connected with the Grimsley Whirlies baseball program….Greensboro NABA president Enad Haddad and the NABA have made a donation to the Whirlie baseball program, in support of the building effort now under way at Grimsley and led by new head coach Chris Eggers…

Eggers is a participant in the Greensboro NABA program and has supported local adult baseball and now for his efforts there in the NABA, the NABA is sending support back towards Eggers’ program at Grimsley….

Good to see the two baseball programs working hand-in-hand together, to make baseball better in the Greensboro Community…..

A thank-you goes out today, to the Greensboro NABA, for their support to the local Greensboro baseball programs and in particular, the baseball building process going on currently, at Grimsley High School…..

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  1. So what are the detail? Is is like at Western Guilford where the NABA is doing some great things to improve the baseball facilities or was the donation “cash”? What does the NABA get in return?

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