We could have at least three runningbacks run for over 2,000 yards this coming high school football season and who will have the best defense?(East Forsyth and HP Central say it is between those two!)

Looking forward to the upcoming high school football season and practice gets officially going next Wednesday, so the start is now less than a week away….We have had some very good discussions this week on the runningbacks that are back and the defenders that will be bringing them down and will we have at least THREE backs to gain over 2,000 yards on the ground this season and who will the THREE be??? Let’s see if you will agree and do you say Logan, Petty and Moseley from the list below and on the defensive side of the ball, the High Point Central Bison fans are stepping up this week and East Forsyth has a man that they feel can challenge Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Crosby, as that top tackler in our area this season and that is the EF Eagles Jalen Forest….

The five backs that are back and in pursuit of the 2,000 yards and who will the THREE be that reach that level, the 2,000 in 2012….Maybe that is a good goal, go for 2012, in 2012…..Logan did it last year and Petty had 1,600 and Moseley, Baxter and Eleazer were on the way….Baxter and Eleazer have very good teammates in Anthony Harding and Xavier Jones helping them out, so will that make it more accessible for Logan, Petty and Moseley to get their first?????

How about that defensive war with Central and East Forsyth…Two solid teams with defenses led by Crosby and Forest….They could be two of the top defenders in the entire state this season…..

The backs and who will hit 2,000 in 2012???

Runningbacks that are back from last year:
TJ Logan(Northern Guilford) 2,468 yards with 38 TD’s
Jamal Petty(Southeast Guilford) 1,600 yards with 22 TD’s
Malik Moseley(Southern Guilford) 1,486 yards with 15 TD’s
Reid Baxter(Northwest Guilford) 1,136 yards with 17 TD’s
Marquez Eleazer(Ragsdale) 1,054 yards with 14 TD’s


  1. IMO the only one with a real chance to hit 2000 plus is TJ Logan. The whole offense is built around that kid every other team around here has a little more balance at what they can do. Not dissing Northern, But without a QB like Downing back there I think Logan is going to touch the ball on just about every single play. I just dont see teams like Page, NW, Dudley, SE, HPC, East Forsyth, Southern, NE giving a kid the ball 200 plus times. The only team I could see doing that other than Northern is Ragsdale but I don’t think they will ride just one RB that much. They like to split the carries between 2 RB’s and a couple WR’s.

  2. All I have to say in regards to East Forsyth is HPC will show you better than tell you!!! So go right ahead and think that it’s gonna be a breeze b/c when we are finished with yall, it’ll be a long trip back to Forsyth County….

  3. Nobody said nothing about a breeze We are just on a mission this year! We know teams are going to play us tough and thats fine. We want yall to bring your A game! That way you got no excuses this year…. Can’t wait to see what HP Central’s excuse is going to be again this season! See you at Simeon!!!!!!!!

  4. HAHA!!!! East Forsyth needs to worry about West Forsyth! HPC yall need to worry about Andrews! Once we get a little closer to EF HPC let the smack talk begin! Just Sayin!!!!

  5. You know its gonna be Logan in the 1 spot, for reasons above. Petty running behind those beasts will be 2. I think 3 is up for grabs. I have my nephew flying in for the SE Page game…. He lives in Fla, is in the 8th grade and stands a mere 6’2 200, his family is thinking about Moving to Forest Oaks! Hope to see some of you there.

    Vegas Mike

  6. I’m not sure why you think the SEG kid won’t get there. Dion Bratcher and Michael Fields did. I have almost every SEG game on film from 2007 and I just don’t see much changing. Yes, SEG will throw the ball a little more and mix things up, but their strength is their huge offensive line and running game. That plays to the style of football Coach Fritz loves. He will run Jamal Petty as mush as humanly possible (or his parents allow J/K). That’s what he’s done every time he’s had a kid with this much talent. Jamal has the speed, endurance, size, and strength to make it happen. He’ll definitely get the carries and have the opportunity to make it happen.

  7. Andy,

    Whats the word on Smith? I havent heard anything on the Golden Eagles this year. What does Coach Brewington think about his team this year?

  8. We make no excuses. And we are on a mission as well. You guys aren’t Greensboro Page of last year and stop boosting yourselves up to be… Too much hype will lead to destruction. How can we make excuses for a 1pt loss to a team who was 16pt favorites?? And you are speaking as if yall beat us all the time. We own the overall series 4-3 and should I remind you the last time yall came to Simeon it was like 40-21 HPC… Like I said earlier, WE WILL SEE!!!

  9. You HPC fans kill me! Every year it’s the same thing from you guys…..We winning Conference we are going to beat down Ragsdale and that State title is coming thru Simeon blah blah blah!……LOL!!!!! Difference is we have 18 returning starters from a team that did beat you guys last year! BTW our coaching staff is a million times better than what you guys have……Sorry truth hurts! LOL!!!

  10. HPC and EF fans do us all a favor and chill. Ragsdale owns both of yall! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  11. East Forsyth Fan: You are a joke…. No one said the State Title comes thru Simeon Stadium…. And why are you bringing up Ragsdale?? Do you need help in this war of words b/c you don’t have evidence to back up anything you say. Your coaching staff is a million times better than ours? but we have the lead in the HPC-EF series and this same coaching staff beat yall 40-21 at Simeon and your coaching staff escapes with a 1pt win last year when they were favored by 16 hahahahahahahahaha!!!! oh BTW, we return 16 returning starters to that same team that yall escaped by 1 pt last season. But guess what? It’s at Simeon, on our field where we last SMASHED yall and will do so again. Until then, mind your business. I can’t seriously be talking to an adult b/c your mindset is that of a child. Just blowing hot air. Oh and the State Title will not come thru you guys. NO CHANCE!! NOT EVEN THE CONFERENCE!!!

  12. Tiger Fan: You guys have a great coaching staff and are always in the hunt but @ the same time, you have to admit that the Tigers end up @ home just like everyone else b/c Coach Norwood can’t win the BIG ONE!!! And the last time I checked we eliminated yall from the playoffs in 2010 on your field. REMEMBER THAT!!! but it was a hard-fought battle in 2011. 20-18 win for you guys. This year, I strongly believe the conference title will be HPC vs Ragsdale!!!

    *****Editors note:Coach Norwood and Ragsdale may not win all of the BIG ONES, but Coach Norwood and his Ragsdale coaches and the entire program do things the right way and that is why they are always in the BIG ONES year-in, year-out….Coach Norwood is one of the best coaches in the state and for what he has done for and with his teams over the years, the parents and families of his players will tell you, they appreciate what he and his staff have done….They have a solid young QB this season, a couple of very good RB’s and at least two or three defensive players that will move on and play in college….Ragsdale will be right there along with East Forsyth, Northwest Guilford and High Point Central…This ought to be one of the best conference races in our area with those teams at the top and we haven’t even touched on Glenn yet, what will the Bobcats have??? Just a note to make sure we all know that Coach Norwood has done his job and he has done it right for time he has spent at Ragsdale and at Southeast Guilford….I have seen it first-hand and the results are evident and they are positive…..*****

  13. I totally agree. Coach Norwood is a great coach who has done it year and year out. He has nothing to prove as a coach b/c he is a consistent winner. I’m not bashing him when I say he can’t win the big ones. He surely does play in them. All I was saying was since he has been at Ragsdale, he wins in the regular season big time but when the playoffs roll around, he can’t get over the hump but I’m taking nothing away from him and his staff. We are trying to get where they are… TRUST ME!!!

  14. I trust you because you guys have a very good kicker that people are going to be talking about and that is Will Johnson from High Point Central….He has trained alongside Tyler Hunt, from Eastern Guilford, so Will should be ready to breakout this year….Watch the end zone, cause that is where the HPC kickoffs should be landing…..

  15. Yes, Will has improved a whole lot and should really give our defense good field position. This is gonna be a great year of football. Can hardly wait…

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