What makes the Jackrabbit so fast?:It has to be his size!

Figured this one out this morning….Have seen the Jackrabbits out along the road all Summer on the morning runs and those animals can move and now, after further review, I know why…..

It has to be their size….They can run fast, they can zig and zag and the Jackrabbit can jump…..But the bottom line has to be their size and the tendon makeup surrounding their bones….Tiny tendons and not so sure about the ligaments that hold a Jackrabbit together, but these characters can move….

I have heard of boxers training with quick moving chickens and if you’re an athlete and you can catch a Jackrabbit in the open space/field then you can make the play, come the big game on Friday….

Jackrabbit training and Jackrabbit chasing is not yet a part of the general workout program, but if you can run down a retriever and if you can catch a Jackrabbit, you do have game…..That would be one heck of a competition, catch the golden retriever while he is chasing the Jackrabbit…..

Check out a Jackrabbit the next time you see one running across the road, or through an open field and you will see what I mean……

Jackrabbit chasing….I wonder if Bear Bryant did it this way and we just never knew…..


  1. It has been very dry around here, but if these are not jackrabbits, what do we call them, bunny rabbits or just rabbits…..In the old days in the running lanes out there in the fields we used to call the male a Jackrabbit and the female a bunny rabbit….All of them can fly, that is for sure….

    I have heard some of those Arizona rabbits called something like a jackalope…..

  2. Not even the best athletes can catch a Jackalope.

    We always just called them rabbits. I believe they are Cottontail rabbbits…bucks and does.

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