Page High School in action today at the Hoover, Alabama 7 on 7’s

Page vs. Prattville 8am Saturday morning…..

from Thursday at Hoover:Page 23, Hoover, Alabama 23

9am Page vs. Sherman, Texas:FINAL Sherman 42, Page 6….

10am Page vs. Foley, Alabama….FINAL Foley 28, Page 17…..

11am Page vs. Evangel Christian, Louisiana….FINAL Evangel Christian Academy 37, Page 12

You can follow all of the games and the entire 7 on 7 Tournament from Hoover, Alabama when you CLICK HERE…..


  1. OH MY, OH MY……..
    What has happened to the Golden Team.
    Page High

    I guess that new QB doesnt’ have what Summers had…………………………

  2. Don’t sleep on the new Page QB Putnam….Page won’t see competiton around here quite like what they are seeing down in Alabama and I think the new Page QB will do just fine…..Just my opinion, but I backing Putnam and he did go (20-0) as the starter on the Page JV’s and this is not JV’s, but he and the Pirates will be facing many of the same people/players that they were going up against in 2009 and 2010 on the JV level….

    I find this Jalen Gavin for Page to be a very interesting player and can’t wait to see what all he will do on offense and defense….

    Just my opinions, but I am backing Putnam and I think he will come through come August and September…..

  3. Won’t see competition around here like they’re seeing down in Alabama? If I recall I stopped over to check in on the Pirates last week to see them get Smoked in a 7 on 7 by the Northwest Vikings! It wasn’t even close! The only TD’s Page could score was against NW’s backups. Then a few days before that SW Guilford almost gave them all they could handle. Seems like there is plenty of competition around these parts capable of challenging the Juggernaut that is Page!

  4. Those Page Pirates will be just fine! When the O-line is out there along with the pads and the tackling, Page will be strong again this season. Putnam can’t run in 7 on 7’s but he will in real football along with the running backs. You can’t judge nothing in 7 on 7’s.

  5. I’ve seen Page QB, J Putman play, and can say w/out a doubt, he can sling em with the BEST of em! Just wait till the games are on…Gonna be a great season!

  6. I can not wait to see them line up…No disrespect to SWG, because they have some decent skill guys, but when they line up their whole team then we can talk…Im down here watching Page myself and there is NO TEAM in NC (including Mallard Creek or Butler) that has this much talent on the field than a lot of these teams…Maybe there is but I just havent seen it…NWG got the best of us a week ago but Page is going to be just fine,so I hope they all sleep on them Pirates….lol

  7. Page will be fine and have a good season as most people around here can attest to. They had a great championship run and Summers took the team on his back as did Ricky Lewis did for Dudley during their title runs. But 42-6 on a “nationally ranked team” is a blowout even if it is 7 on 7. IMO, Northern Guilford has more of its championship team nucleus in place than Page does and I think they are the team to beat at this point.

    Good luck to all teams.

  8. Umm…aren’t these games, like, you know, EXHIBITION? As in THEY DON’T COUNT? 7 on 7, too?

    Coach Gillespie will have Page ready for the start of the season. Will they run the table and win another state title? Can’t say. That’s a tough hill to climb after losing 23 seniors.

    But will Page be ready to play? Yes. And Not A Page Parent, get over your envy. Page is the defending state champs. Nothing going on in Alabama will ever change that.

  9. Hey Andy, Have you heard anything from the Southwest Cowboys or anything about them because I know nothing about them but They do return 15 starters and move up a couple kids from JV but other than that do you know anything about this team? They’ve been quiet in the summer but who knows what can happen also QB Jason Caldwell is returing the kid who was really good down the line for southwest very good athletic and will be coming back I think? But i just want to know how this team is looking because its theyve been really quiet this summer

  10. We should all probably be supporting the Pirates. Guilford County is getting some National Exposure. Page is the defending 4AA State Champs. It is theirs to lose, and noone has taken it from them yet. If anything we should be thanking them for yet again putting Guilford County Football into perspective. We can win state championships, but we’ve got along way to go…As a Whirlie dad, ill route for all of the county except when you are playing my boys…

  11. SWG will miss Brandon Banks and Braxton Daye, along with the Bridges brothers, Ray and Herbie….

    New defensvie coordinator in Chuck Doak, from NWG….

    Will try and find out more for you on SWG…

  12. Do you know if the guy who played running back thier sophmore year is coming back for SWG? andy I think hes name is Larry Edwards he rushed for a bunch of yards his sophmore year and he played a diffrenct postion last year but he should be someone to watch out for? Is he coming back or was he a senior also?

  13. Will coach Doak the new D-Coordinator at SW be the answer at filling the holes in the SW Defense?…..Any idea what the Cowboys will be running this year on defense? Are they going to be a 4-3, 3-4, 3-3? Big test in week one with SE Guilford! Also some tough games against Andrews, NW Guilford, HP Central, Ragsdale

  14. One of those good SWG backs is now at High Point Central and not sure if it is Larry Edwards…..

    As a sophomore Larry Edwards was ranked right there with the other ‘Super Sophs’ in Guilford County, TJ Logan, Malik Moseley, Reid Baxter, Jamal Petty, Marquez Eleazer and others….

    Coach Doak can deal, he just needs the right cards….

  15. No,that is Jonathan Ervin he is at central he didnt start last year for sw but played alot but YEs larry Edwards will be back this year as he is one of the top running backs in the area as he moves back to running back for his senior year don’t be suprised if you see large numbers from this fellow Because I have heard some good things and Yes Doak is the cordnatior at SW this team is returning 16 starters and moving up a couple of talented JV kids

  16. Whos the starting QB over at southwest? haven’t head much but i’d like to know

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