Interview today with new Grimsley baseball coach Chris Eggers

Checked in today with the new Grimsley baseball coach Chris Eggers and had the chance to speak with Coach Eggers about the team, his passion for coaching baseball on the high school level, his days as a player at N.C. A&T and how he plans to work to turn around the Grimsley baseball program….Lots of Grimsley info, N.C. A&T info, Lee County background material and even a word or two about Coach Eggers time with the Greensboro Reds in the Greensboro NABA….He knows names like Charlie Gamble IV, Joey McIntyre, Jeremy Jones, Jason Battle, Keith Shumate, Enad Haddad, Jason Rook and many more and he has the Whirlie names(including senior Garrison Stafford) that we should be looking ahead for and watching out for in the future….

Click below and you can go right to the interview with Coach Chris Eggers….

****After our interview time with Coach Eggers we ran into Jim Gentry of the Grimsley Whirlies booster club and we made our way over to Kiser and checked out some of the Whirlie football practice and they have a few hurdles to get over, but they were working hard on Day Two of the preseason drills…..*****

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