A look at how the Guilford County Top 10 might shape up as the preseason workouts move forward

Time to start taking a look at home the Guilford County Top Ten High School Football Poll might look as we head toward Week One/Game One of the regular season….

We have a few possible polls for you to choose from and in the end, they might end up looking like this….Make your picks and list your Top Tens and you can add any teams that we may have left and we have just been working with the teams that are projected to be in the Top Ten this season and we will come out with our official Top Ten the Week of August 17…..

Poll A:
1)Northern Guilford
3)Southeast Guilford
4)Northwest Guilford
6)High Point Central
8)Northeast Guilford
9)Southern Guilford
10)High Point Andrews

Poll B:
2)Northern Guilford
4)Southeast Guilford
6)Northwest Guilford
7)Northeast Guilford
8)High Point Central
9)High Point Andrews
10)Southern Guilford

Poll C:
1)Northern Guilford
3)Northwest Guilford
4)High Point Central
7)Southeast Guilford
8)Southern Guilford
9)High Point Andrews
10)Northeast Guilford

Poll D:
1)Notthern Guilford
3)Northwest Guilford
4)High Point Andrews
5)Northeast Guilford
6)Southeast Guilford
9)Southern Guilford
10)High Point Central

Poll E:
3)Northern Guilford
5)High Point Central
6)Northwest Guilford
7)Northeast Guilford
8)Southern Guilford
9)Southeast Guilford
10)High Point Andrews

*****We left out five of our teams and no dis on them, this is just the way it seems to be shaping up right now…It made it much easier for our Pollsters to produce when using the same ten teams in all five polls and it does give you something to look at and to think about and some teams like to be flying under the radar at this time of year……*****


  1. F. None of the Above
    1)Northern Guilford

    Vegas MIke

  2. Guilford County
    1. Page
    2. Northern Guilford
    3. Dudley
    4. Ragsdale
    5. SE Guilford
    6. NW Guilford
    7. HP Central
    8. Grimsley
    9. NE Guilford
    10. Smith
    11. HP Andrews

    Statewide 4A
    1. Richmond
    2. Butler
    3. Mallard Creek
    4. Hillside
    5. New Bern
    6. Indy
    7. Page
    8. East Forsyth
    9. Vance
    10. Porter Ridge
    11. Jack Britt
    12. New Hanover
    13. Scotland
    14. Mt. Tabor
    15. Leesville Rd.
    16. Olympic
    17. SE Raleigh

    It gets foggy from there
    Lots of teams who can be in that mix from 15 on down who will have good seasons

    Looking at 6 and 7, sets up a very interesting scrimmage match up for defending 4AA State Champions Greensboro Page and Charlotte Independence down at the Rocky River Jamboree down in Charlotte on August 10th at 6pm.

  3. Page and Northern Guilford will play for the Guilford County Championhsip on August 24 at Northern and Page will win by 8 points. This is my pick for the correct poll for the preseason.

    Poll B:
    2)Northern Guilford
    4)Southeast Guilford
    6)Northwest Guilford
    7)Northeast Guilford
    8)High Point Central
    9)High Point Andrews
    10)Southern Guilford

  4. Any of the above polls with Northern at #1.

    Nighthawks are loaded and have great athletes and ready to win it all again.

    Three In A Row!

  5. On the Colson Herdon case, we are hearing Colson instead of Coalson, or Coleson, so for now we will go with Colson….That is what Mike Ellis of the Jamestonw News was telling us today…..Colson Herndon, but there is another Coalson out there somewhere…..We have heard that name before…..

    Ragsdale Tigers:Colson Herndon and we do expect to be hearing that name a lot this season and some are saying the #42 is one to watch out for this year……

    Page or Northern Guilford #1???

  6. Northern loaded???? Besides Logan who do yall have? QB’s are very average….WR’s besides Logan are even more average. Line will be pretty decent but other than Logan it stops there.

  7. Them Panthers might have something to say about Northern being #1 in the County. See you in a few weeks!!!!!!!!!

  8. Andy,How are the HP schools looking Southwest guilford in particular I haven’t heard any thing coming from that way since last year how are they shaping up?

  9. Let’s review this again after the Sept. 7th game!!! Northern plays Page, Dudley, & Northwest it’s first 3 games. Has a State Champion ever started out the next year 0-3??? Yet again they could be 3-0.

  10. I think I’ll stay away from trying to rank all these guys this early in the season. I will say that SEG at minimum should be ranked no lower than 3rd and above Dudlely.

  11. SE Guilford ranked 3rd? Get out of here…..Ragsdale, Page, NW Guilford, Dudley, HP Central, and Northern all ahead of SE

  12. Does anyone know anything about SW I have’nt heard anything from over that way? what about you andy?

  13. SWG has Jason Caldwell at QB and Larry Edwards at RB and we will see them in the Jamboree next Friday at Rockingham County….HP Central is loaded with defense as they have Rubin Crosby, Jermaine Pratt and #42……Don’t know much at all about HP Andrews, but they do have great athletes each and every year….

    Is the Smith Jamboree next Saturday night???? Usually is that Saturday in August….

  14. I thought Jason Caldwell was their QB????? And yes this larry kid can play I rember 4 years back when this team won confrence in middle school for football and back then larry edwards was the man! You should also see a big Linebacker in Aaron Fletcher I think hes returing also but who knows about everybody else

  15. Sorry about that and I meant QB for Caldwell….Lots of B’s flying around the nest today….

  16. What happens in Week 7? BTW You guys at SE say the same thing every year….We have the best running game, we have the best RB’s in the State! Were finally better than Page and Dudley Lol…..Truth is you guys are still no better than 3rd in the Conference. Once teams put 8 and 9 in the Box and get you guys in 3rd and 8 yall cant throw the ball….Game over!!!!

  17. The real top teams

    3.NW Guilford
    5.HP Central
    7.SE Guilford
    8.NE Guilford
    10.SW Guilford

  18. SEG always has talented athletes that can play football but the players don’t call the plays in. It’s not that they CAN”T throw the ball, somebody doesn’t call that play in. Too bad for the kids that by game 5, everybody knows exactly what they are going to do before they ever line up.

  19. No SE team in the past 25 years can touch our 95′ team, just ask Norwood, he will tell you! all these great running backs SE has had couldnt touch ours, kid ran a 4.29 flat, ran for 2000+ yards… all state, East West player, oh forgot to mention, baseball was his best sport. My point is this, Norwood knew how to mix it up, PERIOD! I agree with the post above, SE has great athletes, but everyone knows whats coming…. truly sad to watch. Im not trying to dis SE, I wish them the best of luck year in and year out…. I will be at several games this year hoping this is our year. It helped that our line averaged 6’2 280, great team with great kids and coaches. FALCON PRIDE!

    Top 10

  20. Northern Loaded????? says:
    August 2, 2012 at 10:19 pm
    Northern loaded???? Besides Logan who do yall have? QB’s are very average….WR’s besides Logan are even more average. Line will be pretty decent but other than Logan it stops there.

    Answer – NG has plenty of athletes…9 starters on “D” return from last years state championship team….5 of those 9 started in the 2010 championship game as sophmores…most of those kids play on both sides of the ball…bottom line though – if you can’t stop TJ Logan why does it matter who else NG has?

  21. What’s the deal on Smith not getting any love from anyone? How many starters do we have coming back? When and where are we scrimmaging? Who do we open the season with? If it was Dudley everyone would be kicking in the door at Greensboro sports.com trying to interview Coach Davis…..Why no love for Coach Brewington and Staff? Is their a Jamboree going on this year at Smith? Andy can you call somebody over at Smith and let us Fans know something.

  22. Northern may not have another marque player other than LOGAN but trust me they have athletes that will step up. They play their game better than anyone and they are on track to defend their reputation as an elite program in the County. Talk all you want but they have put up when others have had to shut up! See you all soon!

  23. Nothern is one of the better programs in this area. They have the coaching to go along with the talent. TJ Logan is more than enough to contend with in any game. Others will step up, trust me on that. Just make sure you don’t bust assignments and don’t get out coached by Johnny and the boys! Put up or shut up time is about here!

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