Bronze Medal for Greensboro’s Emma McPeeters in the USA Diving Nationals at the Greensboro Aquatics Center

Congratulations to Emma McPeeters for bringing home the Bronze at home, in the Greensboro Aquatics Center, at the Greensboro Coliseum, during the USA Diving Nationals this week…Greensboro was fortunate to be hosting this event and we are very proud of the job that Emma did while representing her Ultimate Air Dive team and our city of Greensboro, in the course of winning her medal…..Great job Emma and good work by her dad Mac who has been bringing us all of the inside info on the activities involving Emma, during her participation in the Nationals this week, at the GAC…Her is a wrap-up/update from MAC at the GAC and again, congrats to Emma McPeeters….

MAC at the GAC:

Wow, hard to believe that that the culmination of the dive season for Emma would turn out as fantastic as it did. For those of us that do believe and have
witnessed, we knew what we were in for!!!!!! Last day of competition for Emma and
the 3 meter springboard was her tool!!!! Cruising into the finals after qualifying
in prelims, Emma once again amazed her fans and herself! After placing 5th in
prelims, the same format as before dropping the scores from the last 2 dives, Emma
proceeded to achieve her highest total score ever on 3 meter, and solidifying a
Bronze medal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The steady progression of her scores the previous 2
days alluded that she had something in store for us whether she knew it or not. We
are so proud of her, the UADive Team and Coaches for an incredible season. There is
plenty more diving to come from the Greensboro Aquatic Center over the next 2 weeks,
which may include some of the Olympic Divers returning from England to participate.
Thanks Andy for the coverage and support of diving here in Greensboro!!!!!! Oh,
just throwing this out there. Rio is where the 2016 summer games will be held. Can
you say road trip????