Looking at our team’s records for this upcoming season?

The first scrimmages are coming up tomorrow, as in Wednesday and then we have more scrimmages on Friday and then the games go for real next Friday night….Today I want to know what your team’s record will be for this season….Based on a ten-game season, how will your team end up in early November, as the regular season comes to a close….Not looking at the huge picture, just the BIG picture and how the teams will fare, in our fair Guilford County, during the 2012 regular season….

We don’t need a lot of smoke, just want to know who will be on fire and these records will go a long way in determining where your teams stack up come playoff time….Don’t need any cracks on teams that you think will have tough seasons, just here to start putting even more of a spin on the upcoming season….We ought to do this with the colleges later on too….Don’t start talking junk about somebody else’s team if it looks like they are going to have a bad year and if it is your team, let us know where they might end up, but don’t start hating on your team just becasue it is going to be a long/bad year for them…..

Let’s see, without all of the schedules in front of us, we do see something like this and we will have to go back and adjust when we get our schedule book back out……(We got the book and here is what we have for you today)….

Northern Guilford(10-0)
Northwest Guilford(8-2)
Southeast Guilford(8-2)
Northeast Guilford(8-2)
High Point Andrews(8-2)
High Point Central(7-3)
Southern Guilford(7-3)
Western Guilford(4-6)
Southwest Guilford(2-8)
Eastern Guilford(2-8)
(This is not a ranking, just a listing of teams and their potential records)…..

*****There can be cases where one team could beat another and still not have a better record than the team that they defeated, due to the rest of a certain teams’s schedule having many other teams that they can knock off….*****


  1. Don’t think any team will go undefeated in the Triad this year. The teams are just way to close……

  2. I think you are right HS Football. The teams are close and we have them picked real close and it looks like we are on the money again. Northern has the team to run the table, just like Page did last year and with that RB Logan, they can go all the way and since they are one of our Guilford County teams, they need to go ahead and make it Three Straight…..

    We need to start calling TJ Logan, RB Logan……We have them(the teams) all stacked up pretty close and all of the records have to be based on the lack of injuries to key players….That is how they always did the predictions back in the 80’s at Buck’s Store on East Lee Street Extension…..Buck was ‘The Man’ back in those days……

  3. NG 9-1
    Page 9-1
    NW 8-2
    SE 7-3
    NE 7-3
    Dudley 7-3
    Ragsdale 7-3
    Hpc 7-3
    HPA 7-3
    SG 6-4
    Grimsley 4-6
    Smith 3-7
    SW 3-7
    EG 3-7

    Vegas MIke

  4. Vegas ,Mike has come up with some pretty fair numbers….He might be the man to see if you need a second opinion…..

    Others need to bring their opinions in here…..We need these predictions now and not at the middle of September….Somebody said earlier that SEG and NWG might be teams to watch out for and NWG has a real tough conference to fight their way through….East Forsyth looks to be ‘The Hammer’ in that PTC…..

  5. Thanks Andy, I used this as a median…. most teams on that list could go either way… for example:
    SE 8-2 or 6-4
    Page 10-0 or 8-2
    Looks like a handful of teams in the chase for conference titles this year…. gonna be lots of fun.

    Vegas Mike

  6. Watch for Southern Guilford behind Malik Moseley and with his feet and the runs he will make you’ll see the Storm beat Nlortheast and we will go (9-1). Northeast is going down this year Rams. You guys are real good but we plan on being much better this time around and it will mean the Conference Crown in 2012.

    Storm Watch

  7. For a change I think VM has it about right. I don’t see Page having only one loss. I say Dudley and Page end up 8-2.

  8. Southern Guilford might think that Southeast is the only team that can catch them this year.

  9. Gfan,
    Give or take a game or two for all of these teams and it should be right on. I would be very surprised if any team went undefeated. A little more parity this year than years past.
    Since everyone thinks Im biased toward the Charlotte schools, what would your #1 and #2 teams be in 4A? I have to take 1)Butler and 2)Richmond. what do you guys think? top 5?
    Lets go
    New Bern

    Vegas MIke

  10. NG 8-2
    Page 8-2
    NW 7-3
    NE 7-3
    Dudley 7-3
    Ragsdale 7-3
    SE 7-3
    SG 7-3
    HPA 7-3
    HPC 6-4
    WG 4-6
    Grimsley 4-6
    SW 3-7
    EG 3-7
    Smith 3-7

  11. Page will go 10-0 and they will beat Northern Guilford and all of the other teams on their schedule. New QB will do OK and the line is one of the best in the state on the offensive end of the ball. Pirates will be ready and the other teams better get ready too. Grimlsey will go 3-7 again and that is what they were last year right? They are too young on the line. Young pups if you ask me. Page is again the team to beat in the Triad.

  12. I predict: 1) NG 2) Page 3) Ragsdale. With fresh qbs at both Page and Ragsdale this season things could get real interesting. I hear good htings about Page’s O line, but little about Ragsdale’s. Ragsdale had a very good qb last yr, even though may ahav not been the best match up for their coaches style, who liked to go slow down a little in the second half. That qb seemed well focused, and a strong arm. Northern is just really good.

  13. If Page goes 10-0 this year I will buy everyone here A hot dog and A extra large milkshake at Yum-Yums (and about 10 straws). It just aint gonna happen this year. It takes more than a good O line to score points and win games.

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