High School Football Tonight with Scrimmages all over the place:Novant Classic at NG with South Carolina teams in town

Grimsley at Southwest Guilford 6pm
Providence Grove at Southern Guilford 6pm
Northwest Guilford at Northeast Guilford 7pm
Eastern Alamance at Page 6pm
Dudley at Mount Tabor
Smith at Pinehurst

Novant North Carolina/South Carolina Football Classic
August 8
6:30 Ragsdale vs Clover, South Carolina
7:45 Reidsville vs Marlboro County, S.C.
9:00 Northern vs Chesterfield, S.C.
Will play 3 quarters: Game Type
Cost: $6
*****A very good chance to see how some of our local teams stack up against the teams from South Carolina….*****
+++++We plan on having our people in place at Northern and at Page and hope to get some reports from the rest of you out there on how the other scrimmages go….+++++


  1. Thank-you so much for the listing on these games…..Providence Grove at Southern Gulford and Grimsley at Southwest Guilford…..As far as I know we are the only ones that posting this info for you and I know the football fans appreciate when you send it in…..I was at the SWG-Grimsley game last year and it was a daytime game last year at Grimsley….

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