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‘Q Man’ Quentin Jackson back as the basketball coach at Word of God in Raleigh

The ‘Q Man’ is back….Quentin Jackson is back at Word of God and didn’t he coach John Wall, C.J. Leslie and others?? I think he did and here is the word on Word of God’s old coach/new coach Quentin Jackson, from WRALSportFan.com…..(www.wralsportsfan.com)

Former NC State guard Quentin Jackson is returning as head basketball coach for Word of God, the Holy Rams announced Wednesday.

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Word of God and feel privileged to have the opportunity to return. This just feels like home,” said Jackson. “I was fortunate to be coached by Hall of Famer Morgan Wootten in high school, and I hope to emulate his success on and off the court by teaching my students how to be great players and good men.”

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