Reidsville Rams drop a close one to Marlboro County, South Carolina on Wednesday night at Northern Guilford(Ram Man Report!)

Marlboro County 14, Reidsville 7
The ‘Ram Man Report’, with one of our loyal readers from Reidsville, at the scirmmage game last night and he sent us a complete breakdown on how the game went, with Reidsville facing Marlboro County, South Carolina, at Northern Guilford…You won’t get good work like this in the Reidsville Review, but we have it for you, thanks to the Ram Man, with the ‘Ram Nan Report’….Thanks again to him and let’s see some others from our crowd get on the stick and sling us a post or two, on how their team is doing….’Ram Man’ good stuff and we can’t get enough, so keep it coming to, bringing you the ‘Best in Sports Today’…..

Rams lost a close one 14-7. Marlboro County had a lot of players, it looked like maybe 75 on the sideline, and they had some team speed. The Rams help their own against a 3A SC team with size and speed. Reidsville alternated QB’s during the game and looked to be a little rusty on offense at times. The defense did a good job most of the game and recovered at least two fumbles. I talked to a few players andy they felt like they can do much better. A few of the players said, “We will be ready at the Jamboree.”

Looks like the Rams will be just fine and this was a good test for them. They usually don’t see this type of team speed or size until the playoffs. I think once they decide on a QB and a few other guys at the skill positions they will be fine on offense. The Rams are once again are not big on defense but are fast. They did miss a few tackles but this is expected with only having two days of prior contact, from what I was told.

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  1. from one of our other posts:

    EA and Page were pretty even in their scrimmage with both teams having some bright spots mixed in with a lot of sloppy plays on the wet field. Neither teams offense scored against the first team defenses during the game type scrimmage, but both teams eventually moved the ball as the reserves came in on defense. I thought Page’s #43 (not sure if the same number they will wear during the season) was one of the more impressive players out there. Huge defensive end (about 6’7) that gave EA fits until he got banged up and Page’s QB had some nice throws. Both teams should be pretty good this year.

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