Top Ten Recruiting Facts from the Wall Street Journal

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Top Ten Recruiting Facts from the Wall Street Journal and you can Click Below to get all of the details that go with each fact….They all have notes and details that go along with them to define what they are saying within the factoids…..

1. Getting a good education is a big factor for aspiring college athletes…..

2. Recruiting is more competitive than ever

3. College tuition is skyrocketing

4. Athletes and their families are investing a lot into preparing for college athletics

5. There is a LOT of athletic scholarship money available

6. Athletes that get scholarships have a plan

7. Athletics help you get into elite schools

8. Recruiting is increasingly done online

9. You can’t rely on your coach to get your recruited – evaluation is important

10. Coaches need verified, detailed information about potential recruits

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  1. So Andy – are you part of the “#8 Recruiting is increasingly done online” search feature for coaches. Maybe you could get a slight edge with #9 and #10 with a little extra work. I am playing in part but a little serious also. I know some college coaches will read the local papers or online sources to check up on potential recruits in a specific area. When you consider that most local papers such as the N&R and W-S Journal have fee walls to read their information online – this site is the only game in town for local sports news if you are not from Greensboro.

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