Looking at the leans for the High School Football games for this Friday night

Time to start looking at the picks for this Friday night’s High School football games and these can’t all be set in stone yet, but it is getting close to the time to hit the marks and see where we all stand….

High Point Central vs. High Point Andrews at Simeon Stadium
Grimsley at Ragsdale
Smith at Northwest Guilford
Southeast Guilford at Southwest Guilford
Eastern Guilford at Southern Guilford
Western Guilford at Northeast Guilford
Davie County at Page
Southern Durham at Dudley
Northern Guilford(OPEN)

*****Lots of home teams and almost all of the home teams have to be favored and here is what we have early on and the final tally will be on here, on Friday morning…*****

The Touchdown Tally Projected Winners:
High Point Central
Northwest Guilford
Southeast Guilford
Northeast Guilford
Southern Guilford

*****Was just reading this morning and learned that former East Carolina quarterback and now Miami Dolphin QB, David Garrard, played his high school football at Southern Durham….*****(Garrard big with the Jacksonville Jaguars for several years.)

6 thoughts on “Looking at the leans for the High School Football games for this Friday night

  1. This is something I will do weekly, just for fun and some conversation piece. THIS IS NOT AFFILIATED WITH GREENSBORO SPORTS, THIS IS MY OPINION ONLY AND IS INTENDED FOR FUN.
    SE -12
    Dudley -5.5
    Ragsdale -14
    NEG -9
    SG -10.5
    NWG -16
    HPC -7.5

    Vegas Mike

  2. That is some good stuff….Good numbers and that should get some people thinking….Mike with the first strike and does he strike Gold with those picks?

  3. Southeast will beat Southwest by at least 30 must suck to be a cowboy cause things are going to get ugly friday as southeast blows them out

  4. seg,

    Come on man! It’s the 1st game of the season. Southwest has upset an over confident SEG before. Let’s let the play on the field do the talking..

  5. It doesn’t matter SEG still going to whoop SWG I mean honestly SWG has no nobdy no weapons no line and mo defense SEG 41-0 just like a couple years ago

  6. Page by 11
    Ragsdale by 14
    NW by 21
    SE by 17
    HPC by 7
    Dudley by 12
    NE by 14
    SG by 10
    EF by 18

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