‘Word of the Week’/Key word for the games this Thursday and Friday night

In talking to the local coaches this week and asking them if they had to write one word up on the board before their team takes the field on Friday night, what would that word be???

‘Word of Week’ or key word for the game, or for some this might be the ‘Key Word’ for the season….

For Coach Causey at Western Guilford, the ‘Key Word’ was Passion…..For Coach Daryl Brown at Southern Guilford, the ‘Key Word’ was Finish….

Those are very good ones and I have heard some good ones over the years, like Hit, Kill, Stick and others…..

Hit and Kill always seemed a little common, but I did like ‘Stick’….Stick it in the end zone….Stick to your block….Stick it to the guy you are hitting….Stick your helmet in their chest….Stick your forearm up under his chin…..Stick to the game plan….Stick those stickers on your helmet after we win….Stick your fist/fists on the ground as you get into your stance….(Could be three-point, or could be four-point.)….Stick to the basics and we will win this game….

Pick up a stick and hit somebody in the head….My bad on that one, that is some of your old neighborhood slang there….

But as you can see, Stick is a good one for ‘Word of the Week’…..

Any other suggestions our there?????

Here is our list so far:
Payback….Other favorites???


  1. Another ‘Key Word’ to add to this group/set would be ‘Execute’….I like that one because I have seen it work in person for our local teams….

    *****I’m sure some of our coaches could add more, but they are busy getting ready for their games tonight….*****

  2. I heard Coach Woodruff telling his kids to be Relentless! Good luck this season to all the young men at NW Guilford!!!!

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