Friday Night Scoring Desk – August 17, 2012

Friday Night Scoring Desk – August 17, 2012
Update #15 – 10:52 PM

Southern Durham – 25
Dudley – 49 Final

Grimsley – 21
Ragsdale – 28 Final

Davie County – 31 Final
Page – 14

Smith – 12
Northwest Guilford – 46 Final

Southeast Guilford – 61 Final
Southwest Guilford – 20

Western Guilford – 12
Northeast Guilford – 20 Final

Eastern Guilford 14
Southern Guilford 62 – Final

High Point Andrews – 6
High Point Central – 17 Final

West Forsyth 2
East Forsyth 34 – Final

Scrimmage in SC:
Northern Guilford 20 – Final
Fort Mill 7


Providence Grove

Eden Morehead

Rockingham County
East Davidson

Western Alamance

Burlington Williams

West Montgomery
Burlington Cummings

Randleman 18
Eastern Randolph 21- Final


South Davidson

Bishop McGuinness
Bessemer City

North Davidson


  1. Ouch. Painful night for the Page Pirates. I knew that a 15-0 repeat would be a very tall order, but I was certainly expecting a better debut than this.

    Davie County was not intimidated in the least coming in to Page’s home stadium tonight to play the defending state champs. Davie was ready and they wanted this one bad. Page learned the hard way tonight that you can’t rest on your laurels. It’s a new day and Page was not up to the task tonight.

    Page spotted Davie an early 7-0 as Davie’s huge offensive line opened giant holes for their slashing running backs. Jordan Putnam tied the game on a nice keeper, showing pretty good speed and elusiveness. The Page defense, after the first TD, settled down and forced 3 turnovers. The Pirates took the lead on the last play of the first half; Putnam hit Neal (#15) on a fade route and Page was up 14-7 at the half.

    It was all downhill after that. A 3 and out by Page to start the 2nd half led to a long TD drive by Davie County. Page’s front 7 was no match for them. The weak side defense was a real problem for the Pirates. I don’t know if it was an alignment or a personnel issue but it was wide open all night long. As the night wore on, Page missed more and more tackles and were just outhit, outhustled and sadly outcoached by Davie County.

    The turning point, I think, was after Davie tied the game at 14. Page attempted a fake punt on 4th down near midfield that was stuffed by the Davie defense (there was an illegal motion penalty against Page anyway). Three plays later Davie scored and the rout was on.

    I think Gillespie panicked tonight. The fake field goal was an early act of desperation. Instead of playing field position and punting, Gillespie tried to gamble and it backfired. This is not the 2011 Page Pirates. Gillespie has to realize what he has and design strategies to this team’s strengths. Although after tonight, I’m hard pressed to list the strengths of this team.

    I was shocked at how poor this team was fundamentally. The special teams were simply awful. Jalen Gavin has great speed but there was no blocking on the kick return team. Punting from their own end zone late in the game, Page’s punter either punted the ball off the back of one of his players or whiffed on the attempt. Somehow the ball went BEHIND the punter, out of the end zone for a safety.

    Jordan Putnam did not play a bad game. He floats his passes too often but overall, not terrible. He had several passes dropped.

    Defensively, this is where Page had the most trouble. I know returning two starters is a problem. But again, poor fundamentals. Arm tackling, players out of position, you name it.

    Give Davie County all the credit; they came into this game all business and they laid a butt-whooping on Page like I haven’t seen in a long time.

    We’ll see what kind of team Page has now. They got humiliated on opening night. Davie could have hung 40 on them but they took their foot off the pedal late in the game. Coach Gillespie will have to summon all his acumen and motivational skills to bring this team back. Northern is laying in wait next Friday, and they’re STILL ticked off about last year’s beating they took from the Pirates.

    I honestly did not see this coming. I knew they would struggle against Davie, but not like this. I was expecting a close game but a victory by the Pirates. Page needs a hell-for-leather running back; this team lacks that workhorse back they had with Drew Rogers last season. But most of all, this team needs a major attitude adjustment. They need to lose the sense of entitlement. Defending champs? That didn’t mean dookie to Davie County tonight.

    Like Springsteen says, you gotta prove it all night.

  2. After the performance tonight page may have to fight just to earn a playoff spot, the conference looks strong this year.

  3. Gillespie won a title last year. Not sure I would call him out after the 1st game. Page lost a lot last year besides Hargrave signee Summers.

  4. Scrimmage in SC. Northern Guilford 20 Fort Mill 7. TJ Logan scored all 3 TDs, including about an 80 yd kickoff return.

  5. What is gods name happened to Eastern Guilford? I’m guessing Southeast is going to have a good year. Also is Grimsely back?

  6. page was just awful! Kid from DC that did all the damage was a freshman. He ran all over the pirates. He ain’t close to TJ. Yet.

    TJ licking his chops right now. 6 TD game a real possibility with young team of arm tacklers.

  7. Grimsley is much improved this year. They run their new offense well. QB is good on the ground and #11 Jones is fast and hard to bring down,

    Ragsdale has work to do. Sloppy tackling – they miss those big tackles they had last year. Colson Herndon looked good throwing the ball. Jones showed off his track speed tonight and Pantuso had lots of big catches (2 TDs). Sparks picked up where he left off last year. All over the field – game changing INT in the first half.

    See how they do next week at Dudley

  8. I have a lot of respect for Coach Gillespie. But he made a very bad call tonight. It happens. I’m sure he felt his team needed a boost and that’s why he called the fake punt. It just smacked of desperation. Gillespie is a gambler but sometimes you just have to keep your cards close to the vest. Giving DC a short field tonight was just a dumb move. Don’t make it easier for the other team.

    The real coaching begins now for Gillespie. He was loaded for bear last season. This season he has to figure out how to move the football without a bellcow running back and without an explosive athlete at quarterback. Did you notice that Page did not run any plays from an I-formation? Nor did Putnam take a snap directly under the center. It was all spread all the time. The misdirection may work later but you have to be able to run the ball between the tackles.

    So Gillespie has his work cut out for him. He needs to figure out a scheme that moves the ball and scores points. When was the last time a Page team was shut out in the second half, or scored so few points?

    Defensively, Coach Weeks needs to figure out how to get pressure on the quarterback and how to slow down a power running game. They are undersized and inexperienced on the front 7. Overall they just looked lost on defense.

    I’ve always said a well coached team is fundamentally sound. This team was not. The coaching staff has a lot of work to do.

  9. Let’s refrain from going after the kids and rememver they are just kids and deserve a break….We also need to be respectful of our coaches….Where is everybody when the teams are doing good??? That is the time to put some of the praise out there….

    I’d like to hear some info about the teams that did well tonight and not all the junk about how this team stinks and they aren’t going to be any good this year etc….

    Would to hear about and see some numbers on the kids that had big games…..Say some news on the kids from the big games etc…

    Have we heard anything about Malik Moseley at Southern Guilford and his game, his team put up 62 and how did he do??? What about Jamal Petty at SEG? His Falcons posted 60 points…..Did those guys have big games and how did they do on the ground and what about TD’s…..

    Looking for some of those big games and what about Reid Baxter at NWG and the Vikings as a whole???? They put up 46 points….

    Good to get the good report on Ragsdale and Grimsley and I had that game listed as one of those that might be an upset….Big game Grimsley for RB Jones???? Sound like Sparks was on the ball again for Ragsdale defense and saw in the paper today maybe it was where Coach Norwood is something like 143-39 in his time at Ragsdale….That is real good…

    Sounds like Dudley was getting it done….Who was getting the yards and the touchdowns for the Panthers????

    Western Guilford gave NEG a good game….20-12 NEG Rams and we also said that one might be an upset and it was close…..

  10. Northwest was real balanced tonight Baxter, Powell, and Harding looked good. Way to many turnovers in the first half but the NW defense was great tonight. They played a ton of kids on defense and looked to wear Smith down. Had a great view from the new stadium!

  11. Northern might hang 50 on Page next week! I know Coach Roscoe is still ticked off after last years 35-14 loss. Plus all the Northern players have been talking about Page since the offseason began. Might be tough to be a Page fan next Friday night….Just Sayin!!!

  12. NW looked really good tonight! A few mistakes early on but it was the first game and that is to be expected. Coaches made some key adjustments at the Half and they looked sharp in the 2nd. Overall NW looked really good! Old school rivalry game next week vs Western! GO VIKINGS!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Southeast had a sloppy 1st half with 4 fumbles. They lost only one of those fumbles, but the others were drive killers. SEG led 21-20 at the half. I’m not sure what was said or done at halftime, but the game was over by the end of the 3rd quarter. Jamal Petty scored 5 touchdowns. I’m not sure what his yardage total was, but it was more than 100. Petty had his pom poms and was on the bench cheering during the 4th quarter. I’m not sure what the Fullback’s name is, but he opened up the hole. The offensive line looked good.

  14. Are u seriously getting on Gillespie. The guy beat mallard creek and butler who were both way more talented than page last year. I think he knows what he’s doing. Get ur own team to coach or better yet get a life. Maybe page just isn’t as good this year. Gelled pie didn’t forget how to coach over the winter and summer. He knows what the heck he’s doing.

  15. I think everyone might be out to get PAGE this yr………….I said all summer NG had the better team coming into the season. Summers is gone and now we will see just how good Page’s program is. Looks like Dudley may be back, SEG is better, Grimsley is coming around. Page, put the rings and national rankings away and play FOOTBALL doggggunittt!!

  16. Forgive John his riddlin wears off by 9 PM. Last year he got down on the coach if they only won by 3 touchdowns. This year he really has something to fret about. That Page Grimsley Game may be more interesting this year despite all the trash talk on this board earlier.

  17. In sports you have to take the good along with the bad when it is expose to the public and no matter what level that it is on. Someone fumbling five times should be talked about just like talking about someone whom scored five times. Kids needs to learn that early on so that they can become better prepared for the real world when they get older.

  18. I know my recap was critical of Coach Gillespie. I know he’s an excellent coach. He won the state championship last year. And I know the Page kids played hard last night and many of them are first time starters.

    GFan’s borderline illiterate post aside (“riddlin”?) I always try to be honest about the team. I can’t pretend the game last night was a thing of beauty. This was a big wake-up call for Page. I’m sure they will improve and hopefully by the time the conference games begin they will have worked the kinks out.

    Northern has a great team and maybe the most explosive running back to come out of this conference in many years. From what I read, Grimsley has some talent that is being groomed. Ragsdale is always tough. Someone said this is an up year for the conference, and it appears he is right.

    I promise to keep the blows above the belt but don’t expect me to not call ’em like I see ’em. Sometimes tough love is required.

    To all the teams that won last night, congrats.

  19. The Page coaches know what they are doing. All you have to do is look back at last year’s Butler and Mallard Creek games and they know what they are doing….Different set of players this year, so they will have to learn to do it differently….Coach Gillespie and Coach Weeks are top-notch coaches and they will get the job done…They will be busy this weekend and going into Monday…

  20. What comes around, goes around, this is just the first game of the season,7 on 7 season is over . . . .this is the “real football now. Ya’ll on here acted as though Gillespie was the best thing since Ben Franklin and electricity . . . . .last year. This is 2012, not 2011,different time ,different players. Everything must change, the young become the old,mysteris do unfold. That ship just might be on sinking . . . .sand ! Nice effort on Grimsley’s part last night, different year as well.

  21. John,

    Keep up the good work. I thought you did a great job. I’m not sure what big deal is. I thought you gave an honest account of what you saw. Being a Page fan doesn’t mean you have to agree with everything that goes on. Maybe, you should have the rest of you game summaries pre approved by the Page coaching staff to avoid the backlash.

    For those of you ready to count Page out, it’s just one game. The coaching staff is proven and like Andy said……they will be ready to go. I have seen enough of these kids to know they can play. They’ll compete. You can count on that!

  22. The Page defense has a lot of re-building to do and when you have to replace the likes of Blake Hickman, Shaun Workinger, Christian Cranford, Ed Britt, Savon Wall, Debo, Jacob Green and others, that will take some time….Back from last year, Stanley, Brewer, Gavin and Lynch and not many or many more….QB for Page ran for a score and threw for a score and they must find a running game to balance it all out….Drew Rogers was an outstanding compliment to James Summers and we all know that….It will take time, but time is on their hands…..Looks to be an open race now in the Metro…..Dudley, SEG, Page and Grimsley too might be ready to fight for a playoff spot as Coach Coiro mentioned in today’s paper and Western Guilford will ot be an easy game either and we still need to hear more from Smith and Southern Alamance…

  23. My God Page fans……Just last year you were crowning your coaching staff the best in the state maybe all time for the wins you pulled off against Butler and MC and one game into this year you’re saying the suck! Could it possibly not be the x’s and o’s but the jimmy and joes? Hate to see what this staff will be called if Northern wins next week! lol

  24. Even after the big loss against Davie, Coach G of Page is one of the best coach’s around. Last season, Greensboro sports fans saw some of the best play calling from a offensive standpoint in long, long time. One thing I love about that Page staff is that they aren’t afraid to roll the dice. Sure, the trick plays won’t always work like we saw Friday, but in Gillespie’s career at Page, those plays have worked alot more times then they have failed…just remember, last year he brought Page a perfect season including that State Championship ring at the 4AA level, going through the best teams in the state.

    Also wanted to congradulate Coach Coiro and the entire Grimsley football organization for the progress they’ve made since last season. Even after losing the season opener to a good Ragsdale team, Grimsley is on the rise…wouldn’t be suprised to see them make the playoffs if they can win a few games early.

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