Top Performances from last week on the Guilford County High School football fields

We looked over some of the names back on Saturday morning, after last week’s Friday night games and here are what look to be the Top Five performances from last week….Any additions/adjustments/changes that you see from your end let us know and we then may have to punt, but there can’t be too many arguements with what these guys put up….

Richard Hayes(Dudley) 255 yards rushing and 6 TD’s…
Jamal Petty(Southeast Guilford) 193 yards rushing/90 yard KO return and 5 TD’s….
Malik Moseley(Southern Guilford) 150 yards rushing and 5 TD’s…
Duncan Sparks(Ragsdale) 16 tackles/1 Interception….
Germaine Pratt(High Point Central) 12 tackles/Fumble Recovery/Interception/Four Tackles for loss….

*****Do most agree on the Top Five listing?????***** Not trying to slight any kids or teams, this just looks like the top numbers from Week #1…..*****


  1. RB Jones from Grimsley played well. Good size and pretty good speed. Finished his runs. New offense at Grimsley is good for them. Loosemore can coach. He’ll help Grimsley greatly.

  2. Agreed………………..looking forward to another exciting week of football in Guilford County.

  3. You can’t leave out Rick Mack 4 receptions for 142 yards and three scores. the final touchdown a 80 yard game winner. This is based on the High Point Enterprise report.

  4. Great job by Dudley last week, but N&R showed Hates wutg 3 TD’s not 6. Also saw where Richard Graves, Dudley’s senior QB had 226 yards rushing plus a 94 yard kick return for a TD as part of a 3 TD night and he also threw for a TD. Dudley sounds loaded if Hayes rushed for 255 and Graves for 226 for a 481 yardage total just betwee the two of them. Wow.

  5. Pretty sure N&R just got the name mixed up and in their headline it mentioned Richard Graves, but Richard Graves is Richard Hayes….There is no Richard Graves at Dudley, pretty sure all in same one, Richard Hayes III and son of Richard Hayes Jr. and Richard Hayes III, the nephew of Bill Hayes at Winston-Salem State(former coach now AD)….

    Pretty sure that is the story on Richard Hayes, not to be confused with Richard Graves and not sure who Richard Graves is…..There was a William Graves at Dudley and it almost becomes like a you can me Ray, you can call me Jay, you can call me Ray Ray or Jay-Jay, but this time it is Richard Hayes…..Feel good about that, but if wrong, will have to suck it up, I guess….

  6. Richard Hayes III ran for 255….rushed in for 5 TD and 1 passing TD which equals to 6 total touchdowns. William Graves ran for 92 yrds for a TD…The N&R mixed up allot of info but the Harold Sun was most accurate with everyones stats. The family info that Andy posted is correct as well.

  7. William Graves kick off return was for 94 yrds, I left 2 yrds off. The team as a whole is starting off great but they are taking one game at a time.

  8. Excuse me Darius Graves..I had to add in with the typos ….94 yrds kick off return ….

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