Top Ten High School Football Poll for this week

We had listed this poll earlier in the week and thought it would be a good idea to bring it back in for game day….

1)Northern Guilford(0-0)
4)TIE:Southeast Guilford(1-0)/Northwest Guilford(1-0)
7)High Point Central(1-0)
8)Southern Guilford(1-0)
9)Northeast Guilford(1-0)
10)TIE:Grimsley(0-1)/High Point Andrews(0-1)


  1. But I think you could easily slide NWG or SEG in front of Ragsdale based on first week results.

  2. I agree I watched ragdale last week idk if I was first week jitters but it wasn’t pretty. I guess my falcons will be untied after tonight, a little worried about this game go se

  3. Why have a tie? Put one ahead of the other…..


  4. Mike,
    Can you remember when SE has beaten Ragsdale?? Until they prove themselves and their coach proves himself, their bottom shelf!!

  5. a few years back SEG beat Ragsdale. Once. That was in 2006. Ragsdale’s only losing season in the last 17 years (finished 5-6 losing in first round of the playoffs). SEG beat them pretty good that year too. The three times after that were close but all won by Ragsdale. In the last 15 times they played SEG is 1-14 against the Tigers.

  6. Week 2 Big Game Predicitions:

    Page 21, Northern Guilford 14
    Northeast 35, Southeast 28
    Ragsdale 31, Dudley 28

  7. A tie can be a good way to get another team in the poll and the more the merrier….Would rather be in a tie for 10, than on the outside looking in…For the sake/cause of High Point Andrews and/or Grimsley, it got them in this week…

    Ties are also good when you have two unbeatens going into a Big Game on a certain week, with the winner breaking that tie and taking over the top or another key spot and the loser falls…..Head-to-head becomes the Tie-Breaker……

    I would rather tie than to lose, since when you lose, there is good chance you are going to be gone or moving on down….

    My spot in the poll, is myself’s control………

  8. People I didn’t say a tie was a bad thing i said se would not be tied after this week wether they win or loose, very familiar with ragsdales coaching staff… They came from se! I didn’t say they were a bad team I said it was an ugly game I also said I was game one they may have had jitters, geese chill out u ain’t on the field! Ragsdale usually Is a very good team no matter what team they have, I dunno what that has to do with se I guess u wana debate something

  9. Well i can remember in the 90’s SE would take Ragsdale out to the woodshed for a beat down!! Ragsdale has gotten the best of SE lately, no doubt….It hasnt always been that way!

  10. I agree with that, i think seg looses too, based on the fact that we were only up by one pt at half against swg, we aren’t playin swg this week. I think we learn alot this week, first weeks nerves are over! Ragsdales could look a lot more cleaned up page may be better, we will see almost ge time!!!

  11. Don’t wana jinx em but I may have underestimated my falcons tonight it’s only 2nd quarter but up 21-6 on NE

  12. I said it from day one…..any poll without SEG in the top 3 isn’t valid. I know what some of your reservations are about SEG, but did any of you watch this team play Page (3quarters) or Dudley last year? Get on the bus now because we have limited seating.

    1. Northern
    2. SEG
    3. NWG
    4. Ragsdale
    5. Dudley

  13. I dont think anyone could put Northern #1 and Page not top five after the game last night. Not sayinng Page is top 5 but the game was tight and Page had it in the bag if not for a questionable call – not mentioned by GSO paper of course. If Page isnt top five then move Northern down the list behind all the others.

  14. Mike,

    During the 1st half of the Southwest game, we were playing a completely different defense than we played in the 2nd half. It was 1st game jitters and the coaches made the necessary adjustments. Fritz could have put 70 plus pts on the board, but started killing the clock with minutes left in the game. This defense has the capability to be really good. You have to play good disciplined assignment football verses the triple option and the they flat out got it done. Giving up 12 pts is more than respectable considering the fact we turned the ball over one time our end that led to a TD. The score was 49-12 at the end of the 3rd when the coaching staff decided to put the brakes on. These Falcons could have put 60 plus on the score board. I know Northeast isn’t Page or Dudley, but Northeast did win 9 football games last year.

    @ I Got it……you can’t rank a 1 loss Dudley team ahead of SEG. Dudley has a good football team, but in recent history they lost their 1st 4 ball games last year and finished .500.
    @ Ron, I’m trying to make the Dudley/SEG game. We might have to make a gentlemen’s bet on the game. They make some great chocolate in Norway

  15. @ Damon hey I’m a se fan that’s where I graduated from se I was just worried about the dreaded trap game I know we coulda run it up on swg my concern was because even though ne isn’t northern they also are a ton better than swg, I went to the game I was very impressed the kids looked biz like, they went out there and did what they had to do and. I loved it! We look legit could be a great year. Btw where we’re u last Friday when Dave was giving me the biz about se vs ragsdale over the last decade? Haha go falcons!

  16. Mike,

    Jamal Petty is the 2nd and last of my little brothers to go through the SEG program, so I’ve seen a good bit of Ragsdale over the past 6 to 7 years. I was disappointed that the series ended with conference realignment. I still remember John Martin about a half a second away from sacking the Ragsdale QB on 4th down getting tackled by the lineman he just blew past. WFMY even had it on the news. That one hurt, but I’ve always said the fact that he tackled Martin proved he was well coached. The officiating was terrible that day on both sides, but we made too many boneheaded plays (players and coaches). The teams with Terrance Topps on them were loaded with skill position players, but this years team is a better TEAM. They all play for each other and that starts with Will (who Jamal has played Elite soccer with since 7th grade), Jamal, Cameron, Chase, etc.

    You have to like that they are beating teams they are suppose to beat in a convincing manner. These guys go in at half time. Coaches make any necessary adjustments. They start the 3rd quarter and it’s ball game over. With those big boys up front, the opposition has been worn down and run out the building by the end of the 3rd quarter. Southern Guilford has a few talented players, but this is another game that SEG should win convincingly.

  17. That’s crazy petty is a beast u may stop him once or twice but he keeps the legs churning and eventually he will make u pay, I’m sure ur proud of that. Ur a hundred Percent correct about this team and especially the halftime
    Adjustments I mean they had a decent lead at half vs ne Friday, but after half when they make adjustments, they rack up points… Fun to watch I’m loving it soo far, did u go to se if so when u graduate?

  18. I’m an A&T grad. A good friend of mine’s daughter went to SEG and graduated in 2003 (I think)-Trice Johnson. When I got out of the Navy in 2005, I bought a house in Southeast Greensboro and talked my mother into moving from Southern California. I liked the SEG community and was satisfied with the level of academics at both the Middle and High Schools. I watched the Fritz coached Dion Brantcher team that was a play away from the State Championship. I have another brother that would have thrived under Fritz. He played RB at Azusa Pacific University, graduated this summer. He’s working on his Master’s Degree. He stayed in California for his Senior year when my family moved.

  19. It is a great area I live there still, I’ll have to look the dude who graduated in 03 up, I graduated in 2002 I gotta know his face. You go to the games?

  20. Beatrice Johnson, she went to ECU and then transferred to UCLA. I haven’t been to a game in two years. I usually have my step dad stream the big ones from his i-phone. I saw the Dudley game and Page game that way last year.

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