Russell Wilson(N.C. State/Wisconsin) starter or backup in the NFL?(Is 5’11 too small to get the call, for pro football?)

What about Russell Wilson, the former N.C. State Wolfpack and Wisconsin Badger quarterback???

Will he be a stater or a backup in the NFL? He has been a starter for the Seattle Seahawks, but this is just the preseason…..Do you see him as the starting QB for the Seahawks, once the regular season rolls around???

He led the Seahawks to a win this weekend, throwing for something like 444 yards and three TD’s, but you may say that this is just the preseason, but he leading the Seahawks and they are winning….

Do you say 5’11 is too small, to get the call, in the National Football League?

Russell Wilson, starter or backup in the NFL???


  1. Starter (period). Winning is all that counts in the pros. He is not a trouble making and he is a great story that people, the media and fans alike can get behind. The situation that happened at State may have been the best thing that could have ever happened to Russell because it gave him that final media boost he needed in the national media and NFL GMs eyes. I am sure his father is truely smiling from above regardless of how this story ends based on what I have read from Russell in the past.

  2. This guy is electric, and deserves to get his shot. Drew Brees is 5 11, so we know it can be done.

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