N.C. A&T’s opponent for Saturday’s game(Coastal Carolina) will be coached by a Billionaire/multimillionaire

The N.C. A&T Aggies will be at Coastal Carolina on Saturday night at 6pm and they will be facing a Chanticleer team led by the former CEO and current chairman of TD Ameritrade, Joe Moglia….He has to be the richest coach in all of college football, as he made millions/billions while working on Wall Street and by helping to start up and lead TD Ameritrade and this coach is on the money…Joe Moglia currently makes $175,000 per year, as the coach of the Chanticleers and he has some football coaching experience, but not much….

Lots of connections with local ties to this game, as our local Aggies, from Greensboro, head down to Conway, South Carolina to face Coastal Carolina and we have Daniel Downing, from Northern Guilford, on the Coastal squad and word is he may red-shirt this season…Downing is currently playing the slot-back position….The Coastal Carolina Athletic Director is Hunter Yurachek, a former football player at Guilford College….

The new coach at Coastal Carolina, Joe Moglia, only has one key rule/motivational mantra and that is, “BAM”….’Be a Man’…..You can read more about ‘The Man’, Joe Moglia, who is worth over a Billion dollars when you CLICK HERE…..Good read and long, but worth the time….


  1. Whether it works out or not – their donoation funds will skyrocket. If you don’t beleive me, just ask High Point University what is like when you bring someone into a leadership position that is worth 100’s of million or more. Money may be the root of all evil but boy it can make life a lot easier day by day.

  2. I was hit by some other parallels on this one….It may be my Dr. Frankenstein Syndrome, but it had some thoughts of Coach K, Stan Kowalewski, that used to be at Northern Guilford and at Oak Ridge….Big money player and coach, but on the high school level and not college…..He also now lives from what hear down at Pawley’s Island, South Carolina and isn’t that the same neighborhood of Coach Moglia and the AD from Coastal Carolina???

    Just some personal parallels…..

  3. The ability to see and sit on the beach each evening and be home for supper is not a bad deal. At this age, I am either going to have to hit the lottery, create a ponzi scheme, or create the next great website/social media. Either way these guys living good down there from my viewpoint.

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