High School Football Saturday Morning Rewind:Logan and Malik Moseley five TD nights

Big nights last night for TJ Logan, Malik Moseley and others…Our sports team, from GreensboroSports.com was at the Northern Guilford-Dudley game and we saw that one up close and personal…..

The kid(Logan) is a ‘big play’ player….TD runs of 83, 68, 46 and 33 and five TD’s total with 316 yards on 23 carries, that is one of your top performances ever in Guilford County…That is up there with Toney Baker and Anthony Saunders…..Difference in them and T.J. is that T.J. is a speed-merchant and Toney and Anthony were more power-type backs….Eventually Toney and Anthony took a beating at RB and that is why they ended up, out of the game…….Logan can fly….1st in the state 100 meters and 2nd in the 200 or visa-versa….Once he gets past the LB’s in the middle of the field, he is gone, no catching him……Great job T.J. and I still remember back when he was on JV’s one night and he scored 6 TD’s in a game….The kid can run to daylight…..

Very solid job by his line up front and they deserve some of the credit too, with Max Kleitsch, Austin Simmons, Mason Monroe, Kamen Smith, Andrew Keen and who did I leave out????? Good job guys and the FB’s Sindab, Johnston, Ripberger and maybe one more…..Good job men and for Logan, UNC will get one special player next year…….(QB Coltrane also calling a good game for NG and Malik Parker can give them a lift when T.J. sits down)…..(Good blocking by Nick Jones and Jamon Reynolds and the other receivers too…)

What about the Metro Conference now??? Dudley, SEG, Page, Grimsley, WG, Smith, Southern Alamance……Is there even a clear-cut favorite now.?????

Camden Ball is doing a super job of running the show for Southern and I’m sure Malik Moseley would be the first one to give props to his linemen….Every time I see him he is talking up his ‘O’ Line and the job that they are doing….Five TD night for Malik and he is hitting a nice peak, here in his senior season for the Storm…Mr. Moseley with 10 TD’s on the year and his average sits at 5 TD’s per game….Malik Moseley with 10 TD’s, Jamal Petty with 9, Richard Hayes with 8 and TJ Logan with 6 TD’s and I may be off one or two, but that is it for what I have now….

Duncan Sparks with three interceptions and that makes for a very good one per game average….


  1. SWG came out strong yesterday too after looking sloopy they showed their athletes and did a great job..But still does anyone know who this Christian Shipman kid is he had two spectacular touchdowns. yesterday but i’ve never heard of him? This kid can play!

  2. Ragsdale had a much tougher time last night with Western than many expected. They scored two quick TDs in the first quarter and then totally lost focus after that. Western then rode a fake punt, a suddenly stingy defense and some WIDE OPEN receivers to tie the game up at 14. Ragsdale pretty much wasted three turnovers they forced.

    In the third Ragsdale moved the ball down the field but kept finding ways to move backwards once they got in the redzone. They finally got a FG to move in front then the defense came to life. The D Line was in the WG backfield most of the second half. Then Eleazer ripped off a huge TD run and the game was settled. Norwood was not very happy after the game and he let the players know it. Not often you see so many stone faced players after a 16 point win. He reminded them next week they’ll play the best team they’ve played this year. Hopefully the players respond.

    And has anybody heard anything about the Western player hurt in the fourth quarter? Very scary as they carted him off the field on a backboard to an ambulance. I hope he’s okay.

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