Remembering Moses Scarborough from Grimsley High School

Nice post by Jason Wolf over at the News and Record site today( and it was on the death of Moses Scarborough, ‘the keeper of the gate’ and the ‘keeper of the door’ over at Grimsley High School…Moses and his dad had been out there by the lower gate at Jamieson Stadium for many years and Moses also held down his post over by the door at the Bob Sawyer Gym and it was good to see Moses on a cold Friday night, when you wanted to get in that gym door down on the pool side and since it was always locked, as it should be, Moses was ‘The Man’ that could get you in there…..Moses was a good sort and always had nice grin about him and he found time to smile and laugh, as he evaluated the overall situation…Grimsley will miss Moses, as he was one of those type of people that really enjoyed being around the sports complex and didn’t mind doing his part, to help out the teams……He and his dad would usually be around the truck, when they set up down by the lower gate at Grimsley…..Good man, who had a good time, helping out his favorite school, Grimsley High School, “Home of the Whiriles and Moses Scarborough III(RIP)……

from Jason Wolf at the New and Record and reprinted in it’s entirety in honor of Moses Scarborough III:

A. Moses Scarborough III, who despite numerous health complications had for years been a fixture at Jamieson Stadium as he and his father worked the “pass gate” for Grimsley football games, died Saturday at Heartland Living and Rehabilitation Center. He was 51.

“As a fixture at that fieldhouse gate, Moses became a friend to many…” Greensboro Sports Commission President Kim Strable wrote in an email to the News & Record, “and while he was sometimes hard to understand with his speech difficulties, he was inspiring in that he took his role seriously and felt it was of grave importance that he be the authority of that gate.”

Scarborough’s funeral was at 2 p.m. today at Lambeth-Troxler Funeral Home. Burial will follow at Green Hill Cemetery.


  1. I worked with Moses at many Greensboro Jaycee projects over the years. You would be hard pressed to find a more dedicated and hard working Jaycee than Moses was. I am sure he showed the same dedication to his responsibilities with Grimsley athletics. I know Moses was a true Grimsley fan and a proud graduate of the school; we spoke about this several times. Sad to hear of his passing.

  2. I did not know Moses personally but talked with him when he worked in the press box at Stoner White. Such a nice guy who from my perspective loved everyone and helped out in any way he could. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. I am sure Grimsley high school will miss him..

  3. RIP Moses you will be missed , it was a pleasure to see you at Grimsley and also when you were at the loyalton when I would say hello to you before I went to see my mom.

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