NCAA’s ‘ruling’ or ‘non-ruling’ on UNC classes brings forth a large response on a national level


The NCAA’s position that the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has done nothing wrong by offering bogus classes that helped athletes maintain their eligibility has spurred a wave of skepticism from national sportswriters and others who follow college sports.

“The NCAA concludes no violations in UNC academic scandal,” tweeted Stewart Mandel, a college football writer for Sports Illustrated’s website. “This actually happened.”

Bruce Feldman, a college football columnist for, said in a blog post the announcement shows that the “NCAA MAKES IT UP AS IT GOES ALONG. The NCAA finds pretty much whatever it wants to find … or not find.”

Jay Bilas, ESPN analyst and former Duke basketball player, said on Twitter: “And the NCAA wonders why it’s a laughingstock? Cue NCAA Prez to lecture on integrity, and who’s ‘in charge.’?”

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  1. This story is now “Old News” but the fact remains….UNC cheats, they always have and they always will. The difference is everyone now knows it….NCAA penalties or not, it will stay with them for 50 years, just like it did with SMU and USC. All you can do is tell your children not to grow up to be Tar Heels and pray they listen. In my household my children have all been told that they have 16 State institutions where they may go to college, minus 1, and they know which one that is….

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