Graham Sporting Goods JV Football Tonight Scores

The one on Southwest Guilford at Rockingham County…It is now here. Be sure to visit our sponsor at….

RC over SWG in Double OT(RC 45 and SWG 38)…..
Score in from Amber Fox…

With 2 minutes to play:
NEG 44
Smith 19

Courtesy of Clint….

Southern Guilford 33
East Davidson 0

Thanks to Ron…

Western Guilford 18
Eastern Guilford 12

Courtesy of Tim H…….

Southeast Guilford 29
Thomasville 12

Courtesy of Falcon Fan1…

Page 17
Ragsdale 6

Courtesy of Jordan Stowe…..

Dudley 16
Durham Hillside 8

Courtesy of Dudley Fan Vince….

Grimsley 42
High Point Central 24

Courtesy of Greg Johnson

Northern Guilford vs Northwest Guilford was cancelled and moved to Monday night at NG…..


  1. A Page Parent said they won against Ragsdale 17 to 4. Not sure what is going on with the score report.

  2. Did the double-check and all is good…..Thanks to all for the scores and I know the parents, fans a kids appreciate it….

  3. The score of the Page game could not have been 17-4, you can’t score 4 points in football. Ragsdale scored a touchdown in the third quarter which is worth 6 points but missed the extra kick. I was at this game and when I left LATE in the fourth quarter the score was 13-10 with Ragsdale on top.

  4. Actually Jordan you can score four points in football when the defense gets two safeties. Not likely but it CAN be done.

  5. Yeah, very true. However that was not the case here. It’s rare for you to get one safety in a game, much less two and that be the only points scored in the game for a particular team. Very true though I had forgotten about defensive safety’s. Andy can you confirm my score of 13-10 please. I am almost certain that was accurate being that I was down on the field during the duration of that game, but please confirm in case was mistaken. Thanks Andy!

  6. The score was definitely NOT -13-10…It was 17-6. I have a child on the team and was there until the end. Ragsdale only scored on TD and did not get the extra point. It was a tough game but page definitely won. That is for sure. Page won not Ragsdale.

  7. Page won 17-6. Page’s defense forced 7 turnovers, with the last one being a 60 yard returned pick-6, which sealed the game for good.

  8. Okay, my mistake then, as I was leaving the stadium it was about 2:00 left and the score was 10-6. I heard them announce a TD with around 1:45 or so left as I was putting my stuff in the car (i’m the photographer for and I was almost certain I heard them announce a TD for Ragsdale. Which would have made it 13-10 Ragsdale. Must’ve been a TD for Page that late in the game. I did not hear anything else from the PA ending the game, (as I was then just sitting in the car waiting for game to end), So I assumed game over 13-10. This was my mistake.

    I have confirmed with the school’s website THE FINAL WAS INDEED 17-6 PAGE on top with the win.

    I do have photos from the game tonight, be sure to check them out in the photographs section on here, as well as there was a Volleyball game going on in the gym tonight at Ragsdale against Northwest. Those photos are on as well. Thanks for your visiting and again I am sorry for my mistake but the CONFIRMED SCORE IS 17-6 PAGE ON TOP

  9. Thanks Jordan for all you do and the wonderful photos! No issue on the score. I reported the 17-4 from a parent’s report but even I questioned after my post “How did Ragsdale get only 4” and the parent corrected to 6. Again – thanks for the wonderful photos and for your time!

  10. It all makes for a very good JV Football discussion and thanks to Jordan and all the JV football fans for weighing in…

    Sure would like to get those last two scores with NEG-Smith and SWG-RC and that would give us 100% attendance for a Thursday/Friday…

  11. RC beat Southwest Guilford in double OT last night…I was there but cannot remember the score…will get the score and post. It was a very exciting game. My little brother Brock Fox intercepted the ball in the 2nd OT to give RC the win!

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