New News and Record Top Ten High School Football Poll with unbeatens going 1-7

Seven unbeatens line the top spots in the News and Record’s Top Ten High School Football Poll for this week….Northern Guilford #1, Ragsdale #2, Northwest Guilford #3 and on we go with Southern Guilford and High Point Central both in the Top Seven….Good to see SG and HPC cracking the poll….Western Alamance and East Forsyth are the other unbeaten teams in that Top Seven if my memory bank is open this morning….Click below to make a deposit or withdrawl and yall may ball and squall, but that is the pall or poll for this week….Are you appalled, I and others would love to know where you are standing on this and our new poll will out on Friday morning, with the Guilford County Top Ten….

CLICK HERE to see all and let’s get thoughts today on the new News and Record Top Ten High School Football Poll for this week..


  1. Very interesting Dudley is still in the T10 and SE was dropped out with only one loss to a #6 squad. Very interesting!!!

  2. Guilford County top 10……

    1. Northern
    2. NW Guilford
    3. Ragsdale
    4. HP Central
    5. Southern
    6. NE Guilford
    7. SE Guilford
    8. Dudley
    9. Grimsley
    10. Page

  3. Gfan

    Were you not watching the Southern v SE Guilford game last week? I think if you haven’t lost a game and beat another team by almost 30 points its safe to say you should be ranked ahead of them……

  4. Dave,

    Who are you talking to? One, I never whine about anything. Two, I only post under my own name. The News n Record poll carries no weight. It hasn’t from the beginning of the year and it doesn’t now. SEG beats Northeast 49-12, but Northeast is ranked 9th and SEG isn’t. Enough said. If you paid attention to anything that I’ve posted, you would know that Southern has one helluva team. Games will be played and SEG will be there in the end.

    1) Northern……..I had them ranked 1 last week, but now I am a true believer
    2) NWG…..I’m glad the Baxter kid will be suited up for the game tomorrow
    3) Southern……Yes, they are GOOD
    4) Ragsdale……Solid ball club year after year. Great Coach. Great program
    5) HPC
    6) SEG
    7) Dudley
    8) NEG
    9) Page
    10) Grimsley

  5. I think SEG is a better team than they showed last week. I’m not sold on SG even though they had a good week last week. I also think HPC is way overrated as most years. Just my opinion. We will shall see how tomorrow goes.

  6. HPC defense is pretty good, lots of seniors. Their offense rests on 1 guy. For the 1st time in years, HPC deserves the hype.

  7. “I also think HPC is way overrated as most years” …Gfan says. Overrated by who and when? Just last week there were winless teams ranked ahead of a undefeated Bison team in this poll, and now begrudgingly the NewsandRecord has them at 7th and the lowest ranked among the undefeated left.

    Also High Point Andrews is being undervalued here as well, they played two 4A teams lost a hard fought battle against HPC, but won another hard fought contest against Smith and beat the brakes off of Thomasville, they haven’t been blown out like a NEG or SEG team and actually have a winning record unlike a Grimsley but they aren’t getting any mention in this poll.

  8. Not sold on Southern after the beating they put on SE…..But somehow you think SE is still better? That makes about as much sense as the N&R poll does!

    The rest!

  9. Gfan, you will find out tonight how good HPC is…. We are improving each week on offense and our defense is dynamite…. That Wing-T wont be as successful tonight… Watch and observe!!!

  10. Very good article on Page this morning by Jason Wolf in the N&R. He states some alarming facts. Page has scored 35 points in 3 games thus far. By comparison, last year’s team scored 35+ points in 12 of their 15 games. Jason points out the difficulty Page has experienced this year in finding a running game. Coach Gillespie said injuries have hurt the team but that it’s part of the deal. He’s not making excuses, as I knew he would not do.

    Page is overdue for a breakout game on offense. But it will be a very tall order against a very stout Ragsdale team.

  11. I’ve been saying it till I’m blue or red in the face….You’ve got to have that running game to successful with the overall game….

    18+28=’s 46 and that is how many points Page was apt to scored with 18(Summers) and 28(Rogers) back there in the backfield together…They complimented each other so well….Saw them together back there for the first time on Labor Monday 2008 in game with Page vs. NEG and I knew then that Page had two good ones on the way and they would make a long-lasting impact and they did…I was thinking about those two this morning and how much they meant to the Pirates’ efforts over the previous seasons…

    Page has to move it on now and AJ Capel is starting to look like he can haul the mail back there….Khalil Wilson, I think it was was supposed to be the man, but he got hurt early in the season….Page will get it all figured out, the JV’s are still unbeaten and that usually bodes well for the Varsity when the younger ones move on up…

    Got to have balance with the running and the passing….The running takes the pressure of the passing….

    Run to set up the pass??? Wouldn’t you say?

  12. 1. NG – Will go undefeated again. No other team is close and NWHS will lose tonight
    2. East Forsyth – Everybody is forgetting about them. The team to beat in a tough Piedmont 4A Conf
    3. Ragsdale – Needs to becareful against Page but should win
    4. NWHS – You are only the 3rd best in your Conf.
    5. HPC – Will beat Grimsley
    6. Southern – Much improved and well coached
    7. NEG – Schedule is way to easy. Play somebody
    8. Page – Yes Page at 0 – 3. They gave us a good game and even if they lose to Ragsdale the Metro is weak this year.
    9. Dudley – Punished last week. TJ was too much as he is for everybody. Do the math NG vs Page and NG vs Dudley.
    10. Tie Grimsley & SEG – SEG disappointed last week after a good start and does seem to be good against the better teams. Grimsley improving but another team that is a year away.

  13. @GFan, you said that, “I think SEG is a better team than they showed last week. I’m not sold on SG even though they had a good week last week. I also think HPC is way overrated as most years. Just my opinion. We will shall see how tomorrow goes”. What are you basing that statement off & when? HPC in 1999 15-0, in 2000 8-4, in 2001 8-5, in 2003 10-4, in 2004 12-1, in 2005 8-5, in 2006 6-6, in 2007, 4-8, in 2008 6-6, in 2009 9-4, in 2010 9-5, in 2011 5-7, in 2012 so far 3-0 going on 4-0 by tonight. If you would have said that HPC is over hyped, then it wouldn’t of been no problem with your statement. Because just like you believe HPC is over hyped, I certainly believe East Forsyth is over hyped but I won’t say that that team is over-rated like you stated on here about my boys.

  14. If true tough break for Page, that AJ kid is a gamer it will be hard to overcome the Tigers if that Page offense isn’t clicking.

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