Pickle Juice top suggestion today to help T.J. Logan(Northern Guilford) beat the CRAMPS!

Time to drink some Pickle Juice

We have mentioned several remedies that have come to table, as UNC runningback commit T.J. Logan(Northern Guilford) fights the good fight this season, in his battle versus CRAMPS…..So far this season, CRAMPS 2, T.J. 1….

T.J. beat the CRAMPS in Week Two with his 316 yard, 5 TD night against Dudley, but the CRAMPS got the best of him in Week One(82 yards rushing) and then again last night(152 yards)….In the games where Logan was limited to less than 200 yards, he was only able to play half of the game, because he kept on ‘Cramping Up’….

This morning we heard that TJ would beat those dreaded CRAMPS if he ate bananas before the game, or if he drank more water, or if he drank less water, or if took in more salt, or if he had a deep massage on his legs prior the game and then again at halftime, working on the muscles at the point of the CRAMP…..

Our most reent suggestion coming in this afternoon and TJ may or may not like this one, but it is a sure-fire/stop-gap measure that will stop the CRAMPS…..Drink a jar of pickle juice before the game….It won’t taste good, but you will feel better later on and you will not ‘Cramp Up’, if you drink the jar of Pickle Juice before the game…..

Stop, avoid or end the CRAMPS?????

Drink Pickle Juice!!!!!
(Thanks to Ron for sending in the Pickle Juice remedy/solution)……



  1. Saw Northwestern vs. Syracuse game last week and the trainers were rubbing some type of liquid on the legs of the players who were cramped up to get rid of the cramps. No idea what it was or how expensive.

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