High School Football Games coming up this week

Thursday:Southwest Guilford(1-3) vs. High Point Andrews(2-1) at Simeon Stadium

Friday:Dudley(1-3) at Smith(0-3)
Southeast Guilford(3-1) at Grimsley(1-2)
Page(0-4) at Western Guilford(1-3)
East Forsyth(4-0) at High Point Central(3-1)[Simeon Stadium]
WS Parkland(1-3) at Ragsdale(4-0)
Northwest Guilford(3-1) at Glenn(1-3)
Northern Guilford(3-0) at Burlington Williams(4-0)
Southern Guilford(3-0) at Orange(3-1)
Eastern Guiford(1-3) at Eastern Alamance(4-0)
High Point Christian(3-1) at Wake Christian(0-4)

Northeast Guilford[3-1](OPEN)


  1. HPA over SWG
    Dudley over Smith
    SEG over Grimsley…………Grimsley will show up and play hard. I’m sure that SEG remembers when they were upset 16-14 2 years ago.
    Page big over Western Guilford…. I think they take out 4 weeks worth of frustration on Western
    East Forsyth over HPC…..If EF is as good as the trusted names on this site says they are, this will be a no contest.
    Ragsdale over WS Parkland
    NW over Glenn
    Northern over BW
    Southern over Orange
    EA over EG
    HP Christian over Wake Christian

  2. Just a note:

    South Lake Christian defeated High Point Christian 50-0 and South Lake topped Wake Christian 67-0….

    HPCA should defeat Wake…..

  3. I agree with my friend Damon except for one game. I’m sure you can guess which one.

    Good to see my SEG buddy big Charlie and his wife at the Grimsley vs HPC game last week. Last week Charlie’s bride was sporting a Whirlie hat. I’m sure she will have a different hat on when she comes back to Grimsley this Friday night. 🙂 But it is all good.

    There’s a storm coming Friday night.

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