Nigerian Nightmares and Manning moving on

Gone from Caldwell Academy Basketball Team:
Brett Manning 6’1 G now at Hargrave Military Academy(Post-Grad team)
Michael Kobani 6-9 230 C/F now at High Point Christian Academy
Matthew Uchedike 6’10 C now at Central Florida Junior College
Emeka Ikezu 6’9 C/F now at Hargrave Military Academy(Post-Grad team)
+++++Ikenna Smart 6’10 C was at Thomasville Prep and now at New Garden Friends School…..+++++
(Kobani, Uchedike, Ikezu and Ikenna Smart are the true, ‘Nigerian Nightmares’)……

*****Michael Kobani with Chuck Ogbodo, Jackson Kent, Diante Baldwin, Steve Williams, Rick Mack and others at HPCA….*****


  1. It is interesting that you rarely hear about these kids going to GDS. HPC seems to be the spot for big guys these days. Hargrove continues to get a lot of the talent from this area. If someone would just start a post-grad program in football and basketball here in the triad, they could do well. Kids would prefer being in an area like Greensboro/HP/WS instead of places like Hargrave or similar “country” settings.

  2. Guys leaving Caldwell will be missed for sure. Mason Wyrick did not come back either, and I believe he is now at New Garden Friends. And we’ve got a new coach, too, Ron Coryell. Hope things turn out well for all the guys in their new surroundings. Good players and growing up to be good young men as well.

    With Kobani (and others coming in) to replace Obacha, HPC will sure be tough to beat. This looks to be the year coach Clifford wins it all. Pretty amazing transformation he’s led at HPCA in just 3 seasons.

  3. I will never get used to kid’s transferring so much. The game has obviously passed me by. I am still friends with the guys on my high school team. I don’t think is possible for a lot of these kids.Good luck to these kids. I hope they find what they are looking for.

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