A very good read on D.J. Reader(Grimsley HS) from the Orange and White site:Working to be a two-sport standout at Clemson

They are not sure yet if David Reader Jr. can become the next ‘Fridge’, but he is sure working hard at it, to become a top athlete at Clemson and though he might not be quite ready to change his name to Perry or Parker, he is sure changing his ‘sports hats’ several times a day, in his first year as a two-sport athlete, at Clemson….Now on Saturdays, D.J. is playing in front of 75,000 screaming Tiger fans and that is a far cry different from the 300-400 he might see at Grimsley, late in the season, when the playoffs were out of reach and the only left was to turn in your equipment at the end of that particular Friday night, since you day and season were done…..

These days he is just getting started and now we have the new routine for D.J. Reader, one of Greensboro’s finest athletes, as Orange and White the Clemson Tiger web site, at www.orangeandwhite.com, gives us the inside look into one of the biggest Clemson Tigers ever, D.J. Reader….A good read, on Reader….

from Greg Wallace at OrangeandWhite.com:

CLEMSONSo you think you had a busy Wednesday?

D.J. Reader(Grimsley High School) scoffs.

Wednesday morning, Clemson’s freshman defensive tackle woke up in time for a 6:30 a.m. workout, followed by an 8 a.m. tutoring session. Classes followed from 9 a.m. to 12:05, with a 40 minute lunch break.

At 12:45 p.m., it was a trip to Doug Kingsmore Stadium for a baseball workout – yes, baseball. From there, he went directly across the street for 2 p.m. football meetings in Memorial Stadium, followed by one of the week’s toughest practices.

Just a typical Wednesday for Reader, who hopes to become Clemson’s next two-sport star.

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  1. The only similarity between Perry and DJ is the size. DJ is much faster and more of an athlete. He is just learning how to play the defensive line and will be a major force once he learns the position. The scary part is that he just turned 18 and has never had any extensive weight training, conditioning or dietary programs. He will get bigger, leaner, faster and stronger at Clemson. He made the right choice of colleges and will excel with the tremendous coaching and high energy around him.

    The sky is the limit for this young man in both football and baseball. He will have a hard decision to make but not before he enjoys the college experience for the next 3 years.

  2. The sky is the limit for DJ Reader…Only day-dreaming, but would love to see him play for the Cubs and the Bears in the same season….Nothing wrong with a little day-dreaming….Deion did it and Bo did it and what about DJ….We’ll have to wait and see and most of the other guys that did it, were the skill position players, but why not a big lineman? Nothing wrong with a day-dreaming…He is closer than anybody else that I know from around here…..

  3. I remember the first time I saw DJ pitch. I said to myself no way can this guy be that good of a pitcher and actually move to cover a base. I was WRONG. Wow what an athlete. Not sure what the heavy weight lifting will do to his baseball swing. Hopefully he can balance the two sports and stay in school or see where sports take him.

    Great kid from a fantastic family that I will always have fond memmories of meeting and pulling for.

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