Northwest Guilford keeps their streak alive as JV Vikings come back to top Northern Guilford, 7-6

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from Monday night at Northern Guilford:

Northwest Guilford 7
Northern Guilford 6

*****NWG was down 6-0 late in the game and the Vikings had to take the ball nearly the length of the field, going 90 yards to paydirt and then they converted the PAT kick, to keep their 4-year winning/unbeaten streak alive, with their 7-6 win over the Northern Guilford Nighthawks….The NWG winning streak has now reached into the neighborhood of 44 straight games and the Nighthawks are the team that has come the closest to knocking off the Vikings, since the unbeaten streak began back in 2008….

Good job Northwest Guilford Viking JV’s and now the series is tied 1-1, with NWG winning the JV game and Northern taking the Varsity football game, between the two schools….*****


  1. NWG has won or tied for the Conference Championship the past two seasons with Ragsdale and East Forsyth last year, so it has carried over to the Varsity level…NWG was (9-3) last season and that is very good….NWG fell to a very good Northern Guilford team, last Friday nigiht, otherwise NWG would be unbeaten this season…..There are very few teams that remain dominant on the Varsity level year after year….Northern Guilford has been the exception over the past three seasons and they have some real big tests coming up in the next two week with Burlington Williams(4-0) this week and then Eastern Alamance(4-0) next week…..It is tough for any team to be unbeaten on the Varisty level, even if you win the NCHSAA Championship….

  2. Correction, they have tied, not won. 3 way tie last year, EF, Ragsdale and NWG. I think they may have tied Ragsdale the year before.

    Question raises a good question. NWG offense is hell on JV teams. Kids are not used to seeing nor do they have the discipline to play it correctly. It is a very difficult offense for high school kids to defend. By the time kids are seniors they have seen the nwg offense a few times and been coached up on it. JV players simply have not seen that offense.

    Last week some NWG fans complained about their offense after their loss to Northern. NWG has a good offense and they are one of the best around at running it. It’s tough to defend and it fits their talent. day in day out it’s tough to beat. i wouldn’t change a thing. Opponents hate it.

  3. I played at Northwest under coach King, Lock, and Woodruff. Here is all I can say from 1962-2009= 1 conference championship, from 2010-2011= 2 conference championships. I haven’t missed a game in years, no offense works when you don’t block, break tackles, get sacked, throw picks, drop passes and get out played.

    Every week I goto the games and during warm ups I say boy that other team looks bigger faster and stronger, but at the end of the game NW usually wins. The offense does help, the defense is always very tough and never gets any credit. When I played we were able to beat Mt. Tabor (state runner up) and Ragsdale and as an ex-player we didn’t beat them on talent! When was the last D1 player to come outta NW? College coaches want size and speed and that is why we haven’t had any D1 players. When I played I thought I was D1 until I looked at how big and fast those guys are. All the Carolina coaches were on the sidelines friday and I doubt they were looking at NW players (I’m assuming they were there for Logan). Northern has had McCain, Logan, Keenan Allen, Harris (and more I’m sure) all Big Time D1 players. Most coaches wait their entire career to have one of those guys and Northern has had them all in three years. And if you want to know why they win at JV, they spend more time on the jv than anyone because they believe that developing the young players is the best way to build a program.

    Northwest has beaten teams like Scotland and Richmond County. You will never know how much pride I have when I say I played at Northwest. And for the moron that said it doesn’t carry over to varsity…. take your foot outta your mouth, there are 1000’s of teams that would kill for back to back 9 win seasons and like Andy said they are well on their way to another 8-9 win season this year (or more)

  4. I am a Ragsdale Parent and fan and I will say NW might just be one of if not the most underrated teams in the state. I have been watching HS Football in this state for more than 30 years and to see what the NW coaching staff has done at that school in the past 6 years is pretty amazing. NW use to be the game you could circle on your schedule as a guaranteed win. Now when you see NW on your schedule you know that’s going to be a very well coached tough game. Yes the JV team is showing on the Varsity team…..Back to Back 9 win seasons two Conference titles (shared or not that’s really tough in the PT4A) and playoff wins over Richmond and Scotland is pretty huge in the 4AA playoffs. (so stop being so negative) I agree with 08 when was the last time you saw a big time d-1 player come out of NW? I think you have to go all the way back to Rusty LaRue……IMO The coaches at NW get that team to be just that……A TEAM! Will they ever be able to beat the Butlers and Mallard Creeks for State Championships? Who knows…..But I know for a fact that the coaching staff gets more out of their team than just about any other team in the state. Congrats to the NW JV team on their win last night. Good luck to the Vikings and the rest of the teams in Guilford County! Can’t wait till the Ragsdale Tigers meet back up with the Vikings this year! GO RAGSDALE!!!!

  5. Have to agree with Tiger fan….. although, I can remember when both Ragsdale and NW were easy wins, not anymore….both well coached teams on and off the field!

  6. But 44-0 is much greater than sharing a conference title or being much better than they’ve been 7 years ago. It looks like their JV team would compete for a mythical JV state title every year yet the varsity does not. Certainly they are a respectable team, no question.

    I’m just wondering why varsity teams around here go deep in the playoffs and win state titles and NW hasn’t….but yet the NW JV is so dominant. I’m not bashing, just asking.

  7. What?

    NW went from a team 6 years ago that barley could win 1 game a season to and conference champion contender every year. You talk why is NW not winning state titles like they just give those things away…

  8. One reason NW has such a good JV program could be from the number of students. Most programs don’t have enough talent or kids to fill a varsity team and a junior varsity team.

  9. Honestly NW only usually has around 100 kids in the program (which is still big, but nothing like East Forsyth, Glenn and Tabor). One reason is only about half the teams on their schedule actually coach the JVs. When I played Page, Northeast, Tabor, EF, and Ragsdale were the only ones that actually cared about JV. All the other games you could tell they weren’t organized and not really coached up.

  10. NW 2008,

    I was digging what you had to say at first, but now you are just talking out your a$&…Page dont care about their jvs???…You must be living under a rock or you just drinking too much of your own Kool-Aid…

  11. NW 2008,

    My bad…I just realized what you wrote was a misunderstanding on my part…When I first read your last comment, I mistakely thought you had said that Page didn’t care about their jvs, so I apologize for my reaction. But like I said, I was digging your comments, because its true. There are only a handful of schools who actually coach their jv teams.

    I know the coaches at Page feel that its more important for players to get the experience on the game field. There are some teams who pull up sophomores and have them sit the bench on Friday night just because they are good enough to be a varsity player but not as good as the varsity starter. I’m not here to say that they are wrong, but I know the Page coaches prefer the playing experience. I also know they realize the difference between Thursday night games and Friday night games too; however, I know they believe its to the benefit of the player to get as much game experience as possible before having to play on Friday. But hey, what do I know? This year’s Page team is the same team who went undefeated for two years on jv and played some tough close games with some teams, so they have lots of experience playing. A little snake bitten this year with some untimely injuries along with losing the turnover battle. Take these two factors away then I see a possible 3-1 Page team instead of an 0-4 team.

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