‘Diamonds are forever’, but Rafaello & Co. says, “Silence is a jeweler’s best friend”!

The jeweler suing Duke’s Lance Thomas over the unpaid $67,300 won’t talk to the NCAA….Lawyers for Rafaello & Co. say the jeweler wants their money, but beyond the unpaid sixty-seven grand-plus, they don’t want anything else and they sure aren’t willing talk right now to the NCAA….

Thomas made a down payment on nearly $100,000 worth of jewelry back in 2010, right around the time that Duke won the NCAA Basketball Tournament and after the downpayment, it was a real turnover, as this turned into a jewel heist, with Thomas going coast-to-coast with the goods…..(Local Durham magicians still want to know where that $30,000 came from.)

We have the most recent update with Rafaello & Co. still holding the bag and Lance Thomas, still gripping the jewels, like he used to grip the basketball at Duke, after a big rebound….

CLICK HERE for the Wednesday update on this one…..

*****You know they really ought to let Lance Thomas get off easy on this one….The fact that he is in the NBA(New Orleans Hornets) ought to be enough to shock the NCAA into letting him carry on with his jewelry and his NCAA Championship ring….The fact that Lance Thomas is still playing basketball today and the fact that he is in the NBA, is way beyond my realm of understanding….Strictly a rebounder and he’s still got a job and he is playing NBA ball??? I can hardly believe it and so he stole the jewels and now he is stealing a paycheck from the NBA….*****

+++++What was Lance Thomas’ scoring average while he was Duke, 4.4 points per game?+++++

This really is the land of opportunity……