When is the last time that you saw this???

Hard to believe, but the Thomasville Bulldogs have started the season at (0-5)….Can’t recall the last time that I saw that, and man, who the mighty have fallen….They play a very tough non-conference schedule with teams like Mt. Airy, Davie County, North Davidson and others, plus they have the High Point Central Bison coming up this week….

The Thomasville Bulldogs at (0-5), man alive, or maybe the ‘Dogs are dead for this year…..

*****I think I have seen that we have five unbeatens left in our area….Ragsdale(5-0), East Forsyth(5-0), Eastern Alamance(5-0), Western Alamance(5-0) and Northern Guilford(4-0)…..Know of any more in our area?*****


  1. Allen Brown will have his guys ready for the conference schedule, before the season most people were saying they had the toughest schedule of anyone anywhere, it has been since 1936 since they had a start like this according to the HPE and I am not sure if Allen Brown was the coach back then or not and remember Coach Gillespie learned alot from Coach Brown also, and both of these teams will be back come playoff time.

  2. You might be on to something Mr. BCS, but the fact is, this is the worst I have ever seen it for Thomasville Bulldog football…..Could this be the end of the Allen Brown Era?

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