Getting caught up on our Prize Winners!

This week’s high school picks Winner was Matthew Langenfeld and our College Football picks Winner was Marcelle Miller….On high school picks had 12 people tied with just two misses/incorrect picks, but Matthew was the first one in that had not won previously….Marcelle also ended up in a tie, but he was also the first one, in the college….

We hope to be getting those prizes your way later on this week and we may have to get you to stop by our Thursday night location and pick up your Six-Pack of Dr. Pepper for winning the college picks…..Hard to mail that one….

Will be getting some of the other Winners names up here over the next few days and right now, just trying to get it all caught up……

We will start a contest in October that will give you a chance to win Two Tickets to the ACC Championship Football Game in Charlotte, N.C…..Stay tuned for more on that one…..


  1. I’d like to thank all the people that helped make this happen….. I won’t be sharing my 6-pack with any of you. ha!


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