Jim Modlin/Bruce Bullington Friday Night Scoring Desk – 9/28/12

Update #12 – 10:43 PM – Good Night
In Memory of Our Great Friends who left us too soon: Jim Modlin and Bruce Bullington.

Page – 49
Grimsley – 25

Western Guilford – 30
Smith – 7

Southern Alamance – 44
Southeast Guilford – 68

Parkland – 0
East Forsyth – 58

Northwest Guilford – 14
HP Central – 20

Southwest Guilford – 0
Ragsdale – 30

Asheboro – 7
Northeast Guilford – 28

Southwestern Randolph 12
Southern Guilford 55

Northern Guilford – 32
Eastern Guilford – 0

Morehead – 7
McMichael – 14

Burlington Williams – 18
Rockingham County – 38

Eastern Alamance – 34
Western Alamance – 13

Burlington Cummings – 35
Reidsville – 48

Eastern Randolph
Providence Grove

HP Andrews – 71
WS Atkins – 0


WS Carver

East Surry
Bishop McGuinness

Central Davison

OPEN: Dudley, Glenn, HP Christian


  1. Eastern Rando;ph 10 Providence Grove 6
    Reridsville 21 Cummings 14
    Eastern Alamance 27 Western Alamance 0

  2. SEG was up huge…..went to the bullpen and the flood gates came open. The game wasn’t ever a close contest.

  3. NW drops another close one. Ragsdale next week is a must win to even have a shot at postseason. Too much talent at NW to potentially wind up 6-4.

  4. I’m putting my picks in early….
    High Point Central
    Southern Guilford
    High Point (Andrews)
    How did I do?

  5. Sad how grimsley still lost. I guess corio isn’t paying enough for players to stay at grimsley, I know the guy can’t coach worth crap, but man does the guy have money! More gifts equal more production! Remember that corio!

  6. Jason Wolf of the News & Record wrote this morning in his article on the Page-Grimsley game that this could be the year that the Whirlies break the Pirate win streak. Grimsley was much improved, he wrote.


    If by improved Mr. Wolf meant that Grimsley only lost 49-25 this year instead of 49-0, then yes.

    Seriously, Grimsley fought to the end. The two meaningless TDs they scored made it more respectable this year.

    As for Page,well, the finally decided to show up. Jordan Putnam came into his own. He stepped up into the pocket despite the pass rush, looked very poised and threw the ball very well.

    Jalen Gavin looked terrific carrying the ball.

    And the Page defense was great. When Putnam’s first pass of the second half was picked off and returned to the Page 40 yard line, the defense stepped up and shut Grimsley down.

    After that miscue, Page scored a ton of points and never looked back.

    And how adorable were those Whirlie fans chanting “This is our house” when they were down 49-12? I just wanted to give them a hug. I’ll forgive them for chanting “F— The Pirates” before the game. As for the Grimsley students who vandalized cars and property in New Irving Park last night at homes where Page students live, well…keep staying classy.

    Pirates have scoreboard. Again. For the 6th straight year.

    Congrats to Coach Gillespie, who did a fantastic job getting his team ready to play and to all the Page Pirates. For the seniors, congrats for running the table against your rival all four years.

  7. The crowd was HUGE tonight plus, there were people leaving when we got there. I think it would’ve been close to 11,000 if it hadn’t been for the rain. I wonder……since the rivalry, what is the year that had the largest attendance? Andy–would you happen to have those figures? Anywho–I saw a handful of players from last year’s championship team and what’s funny was each of them wore their rings tonight. Shaun, DeShaun, Davante and of course, Debo whew..that’s a LOT of Dee’s! Lol!

  8. Good summary John! (Sorry I missed you there)
    I left at the 4:44 mark…there were just too many people and I didn’t want to fight them and the traffic. Yeah, I heard the chant “This is our house” as I was walking to my car. Ya gotta give ’em credit, THAT took a lot of guts, I mean, they were down like 49-12. They did end up scoring after I left I see. anyway, Page’s student section had shut them down earlier by shouting “Where’s your ring” over and over again so, the taunting was kind of even all night long. Reading your comment about the vandalism made me remember the incident from last year. It’s a shame that the rivalries take that kind of turn.
    Gfan—what’s up, homey???!!!!!

  9. NW drops another close one???

    That score was alot closer than the game actually was, HPC dominated NW throughout the contest was up 17-0 at one point and led 20-7 with about 20 seconds left in regulation, that game was never really in doubt. The Bison defense suffocated a previous 5-1 Viking’s offense they coudn’t run and the QB completed more passes to the Bison secondary than to his receivers, it was a thing of beauty the show HPC’s defense put on tonight, the Bison gave NWG no other choice but to “drop” another one!!

  10. Jordan Putnam was named the Great American Rivalry Player of the Game for tonight’s Page-Grimsley contest, at least that is who Dennis and I voted for….Page has some players that can produce with Putnam, Gavin, Capel, Neal and more on offense plus Stanley, Featherston, Lynch, Cummings and more on defense…..Dudley-Page and Southeast Guilford-Page games will be interesting…

    Would good to know the total stat line on Putnam for tonight, haven’t seen it yet, but he had a real good game….

    Sadeek Watt had at least two very big plays for Grimsley…..67 yard pass reception and his interception………Grimsley is going to have to quit turning the ball over….Turnovers followed by Big Plays from Page burned them……

  11. Not trying to start a war but I read in a earlier comment that NW Guilford dropped a close one. I guess you weren’t in attendance b/c this game wasn’t close at all. The score may look that way but thats not how it played out. HPC dominated this game with the defense swarming and shutting down the NW offense and HPC’s offense being sufficient. It was 17-0 pretty much all game and 20-7 with 20 seconds to go. So don’t mislead anyone on this game… Great Effort!!!

  12. That was very classless about Corio and money,like Northern and PagE are the Duke Blue Devils of GSO high school football. Every dog will have it’s day. Stay positive blue and white . . .your day will come. Don’t know the man personally like the rest of you on here,but when he finally gets that program right . . .”eat my grits”.

  13. I will give your defense credit they were very good. But just remember NW fumbled their first pass into the end zone (7pts), threw a pick in the end zone the next series (7pts). If I were you guys I’d be a little concerned about your offense. We gave you the ball inside the 25 like four times in the second half and you only got 3 points off it. Still your defense was good! If we would have scored on either of those drives in the first half…… well you know. Congrats and good luck

  14. Falcon 1,

    I realize most of the points came off of turnovers and giving the opponent the short field in the 4th quarter after the starters were removed, but I’m still a little shaky on the defense. 20 plus points with the starters in has me a little worried heading into the Dudley match up. Also, Petty is still not 100%. as was evident on the 70plus yard run (got caught). What are your thoughts

  15. John, A bit classless on the commentary!!! Page played a good game last night and came away with the win. Gavin looked great as he basically put the team on his back and did what most great players do. So to the Pirates goes a big congratulations. However, If you wine like this after a win, I can only imagine what it would sound like if you guys lost. I thought Putnam really hustled tonight but MVP has to go to Jalen in my book.

  16. GHS2011, I’m not sure wether to respond to your ranting or treat it like I would a small child that speaks such garbage looking for attention. If there is anything worth reading in your post, I guess it would be your summation that Corio isn’t spending his millions on paying off players. GIVE ME A BREAK!!! We, on the Grimsley High school side of things think Kevin (Page) runs a quality program and I assure you Corio does the same. Corio has brought a lot to our campus and seems to be building something special. I guess people like you must take their shots but I do believe Grimley is much improved with a good future in front of them. NOT THAT I EXPECT MUCH FROM YOU BUUUUT, when you call us cheaters and such I would ask you to remember your are criticizing our sons and daughters as well as their coaches. Finally, maybe you were just having fun and in that case I may have taken your comments to seriously but sounding as you do I’m guessing I didn’t miss it by much.

  17. Andy – it would be kind of fun to develop a “Piedmont Triad Cup” traveling trophy for best all around football program each year. Have a small placard with the school and year that stays on the trophy.

    You’d have to come up with some BCS-type formula to allow for teams that don’t play each other and a few criteria. Each school would need to confirm they want to be part of it each year.

    Sponsorship would be a pretty easy sell, I’d think. It would be some “visual” bragging rights for the schools each year.

  18. I think the earlier work by Grimsley fan was in fun and a probably taken wrong and some of the Page fans are upset about vandalism and it happens every yeart, but that still does not make it right and they have a right to be upset about it and both sides, Grimsley and Page need to work toward putting an end to the vandalism that happens during this game week….

    Coach Coiro and Grimsley are turning it around and it is never a quick fix….It doesn’t come easy or overnight….Saw a lot of bright spots on their side last night and have to think it will continue….You could tell Page had been working hard during their off week and they came ready to play last night….

  19. On the traveling/roving trophy, in the past we have done The GreensboroSports.com Football Player of the Year….We were going to make this a roving award, but we started just leaving it with the winner and it is a real nice gold football on a large wood frame…

  20. First off congratualations to Page’s players for a well played game. The players came in ready. As for the vandalism it is something for UU and John to whine about every year. Maybe you can explain the thugs from Page who broke into the bus at Page to steal our baseball player’s personal items last year. You have your bad kids and we might have a few ourselves but it has nothing to do with the game so get over it.

    I am very proud of our student section and players. We will be back and as far as your dreams for Page repeating based on last years score. That is laughable. Page is going no where this year. You just are not that strong offensively.

  21. Gfan–

    I think you might’ve been offended because of my part of the vandalism comment. The ONLY reason I remember it was simply because of the damage done to my son’s personal property last year so in a sense, it’s personal. My feelings on such is—it shouldn’t happen…PERIOD! Nowhere in my comment am I placing specific blame on anyone (Grimsley or Page) other than whomever the responsibility should go. I’m sure if you had to eat the cost of someone’s “prank” it would leave a sore spot. I’m sure you understand my position.
    It’s disheartening to sum up what happened to me and the countless others as whining but, that’s your opinion and your are entitled.

    In closing, I think it’s entertaining how we engage in slight bantering each week as long as it’s in fun but sometimes it seems some people have an axe to grind and they use this site as a platform. That is what I’d rather shy away from.

  22. UU, I think the main reason the Grimsley fans have an axe to grind this morning is because they did not get the job done on the field last night, if they had won there would be no axe to grind for them today.

  23. Here is something to think about…..When it is the year for Page to be the ‘HOME’ team and I think that would be next year, play the game at Page and put ii in Marion Kirby Stadium….Page and Rusty Lee did an outstanding job of hosting the 4-AA playoffs last year when Butler and Mallard Creek came to Page High School and it would add a whole new dimension to this series if they sent the Page ‘HOME’ game back over to Page…..It would also make the home game for Grimsley mean more when it came time for the event to be at Jamieson Stadium….

    May not help with the Vandalism problems, but it would take this Series to a whole new level….Lots of improvements over at Page and the place is in great shape and remember, they handled the playoffs and ran those games to the ‘T’ last year….

    Any thoughts from the Page fans and Grimsley fans, what about going over to Page for the BIG GAME?

    With the proper channels at work, we could have this plan in place by next year……

  24. Can we all just shut it and move along? I mean seriously…GFAN to you specifically, you week in and week out are on this sight taking jabs and ribbing other posters at the expense of a little laugh…I must admit, I have read some posts of yours and was amused and had a little chuckle over some, but seriously move on…We at Page dont really care what you think about our post season chances, but all I know is that Page’s sorry offense just put up 49 points on your Whirlies…Point is your Whirlies played good ball up until the middle of the 3rd and just fell apart…They have improved and are very young and will be looking forward to Page next year…Page fans need to move on too…It was a good game and JORDAN definitely deserved that MVP…Not to take anything away from Jalen, because he is a huge part of the offense, but Jordan made one mistake which was more of a good defensive call and defensive play than it was a bad decision…It was a good game and both teams need to start focusing on next week…Good luck to both teams…

  25. Not sure the surrounding community would support the invasion around Page. Rusty did a great job during the playoffs last year and the fact remains they don’t have the parking but it would be fun to give it a try. One thing that has got to change is the pre game ceremonies. It’s getting obscene. As someone who’s had the privilege of coaching on both sidelines over the years NOBODY likes the length of the pregame ceremonies. The referee pointed out to me during it last night that technically it’s against NCHSAA rules. Only 4 players in uniform are allowed on the field to represent each team. It concerns me that the kids get loose and then stand around for 30 minutes. It was suggested last night that they host an awards banquet the night before. (Richard) Just a thought.

  26. Damon

    Just a stat. Agreed, Falcons need to contiune to get better on defense. The 44 given up should not take away from the Turner performance. As you well know we will take 3-4 yards at a time or 30-40 all at once.

  27. Grins key haven’t had a winning season since coach shuping, coach Saunders and coach Anderson left that program. They got the best out of their player. The administrator ran them away. Now look at the program now!

  28. Gfan – Laughable? hmmm… where did I read that recent;y? Oh yeah, in today’s paper when describing the game. I wouldn’t call 49 points put up against your first string laughable. Page put in their second string which is the only reason the Whirlies were able to go from 12 to 25. Just admit Page had the better team on the field last night.

  29. If Grimsley and Coach Coiro get connected with Mr. Scarfone that could be a good thing,,,,,Those Ham’s restaurants serve up some good food and Ham’s might be a good sponsor for the Wednesday evening meals/suppers.. Not a bad idea to seek support from the local businesses in the community…..If you are already connected with Mr. Scarfone, then you would have a leg up in your attempt to reach the owner for sponsorship….Could be a good idea and it would be nice to get Mr. Scarfone and Ham’s on here, but you all know the routine, you’ve got to have those contacts……

    The word on the Grimsley side today seems to Frustration and on the Page side it seems to be Satisfaction….Grimsley wants to get the ball on their side and Page wants to keep it in their hands….Page can not remain Satisfied but for maybe one day and then it is back to the board and the preparation for Smith begins on Monday….

    Still would be interesting to see the game over at Page next year….Could run a shuttle in from the Golden Gate Shopping Center and use that site for parking too….

  30. Good point Andy. Golden Gate isn’t use for much else. Great to see Frank Starling get recognized last night along with Ethan Albright.

  31. GFAN, Last night was another example of why no one cares about the Page Grimsley game being “THE GAME TO WATCH”! same old story, different year. There was a storm earlier that night, just not at Grimsley


  32. The crowd was really into the game last night and there would have been many more fans there, if not for the weather…..Steady rain at Grimsley, plus lightning and thunder prior to the game in 5pm hour….The rain and the storm are bound to have kept many fans away…I had people calling me to see if they were still going to play and they were calling at 6 o’clock, so you know there were some who couldn’t decide to come over or not…..

    Good job by AD Lewis Newman and assistant AD Robert Stanley in making the fans be aware of the oncoming storms and keeping the fans clear of the stadium until 6:30pm…..The fans had to clear the staidum and the field until 6:30 and that included players from both teams….Mr. Newman and Mr. Stanley were tracking the storm and they knew what precautions needed to be taken….

    Well run operation at Grimsley’s Jamieson Stadium last night….

  33. I think you guys are missing the point here, This has not been a close game is YEARS, nobody is doubting this is a big riavarly game….. Not everyone watches NCSU/UNC like they do anymore, just saying!!

    P.S. Im assusming that at leat half (if not more) were Grimsley fans….. SO, at least 4 thousand would agree with me.

    Good Day!

  34. Andy
    Do you have any idea where I can fine a stat line for the Andrews / Atkins game this is 2 weeks in a row the N&R has omitted and info on their game. I know Atkins isn’t much of a challenge but would love to compare them with Southeast and Southern.

  35. Coach Turk you may find the numbers on WS Atkins-HP Andrews in the High Point Enterprise and a second choice would be the WS Journal….I will give HPE.com a shot here in a few minutes…..Sometimes they will have Central on-line, sometimes it might be Andrews….

    I have been trying to find out more on Northern Guilford-Eastern Guilford too….I know it was 7-0 NG at the half and then NG opened it up in the 2nd half….TJ Logan got tackled from behind and got stretched out and pull the hamstring out a little but and had to leave the game, but he came back in OK later on….Burnard Sindab did all right at QB and he got his yards, but the word was he threw two picks….He is going to fine, but I also hear that Austin Coltrane may be back earlier than anticipated and he might be back in two weeks instead of five……

    You have to tune into the State-Carolina game in the very beginning and follow the first quarter action and if it gets out of hand, you may leave that game for a while, but you have to come back in the 4th quarter to see if there is a change…..There is not another football game like State-Carolina in this state…..Much like Page-Grimsley….No matter the records, if your team is (0-5) or whatever going in, you have to tune to see if they can take this one…..State-Carolina much like Page-Grimsley in that regard…..You might drift away, but you will come back to see if your team has a chance to win that day or night…..Wish they played two State-Carolina football games in the season….Play one early in the year and then one more later on…..And a bowl game too, to decide the best of three…..

    Love that series……Best in the state, State vs. Carolina football….

    Grimsley-Page does the same thing on the high school level…If you are Grimsley, you have to be thinking that Page won’t have Putnam next year and the some of the lline will be graduating and if you are Grimsley you have to be thinking that you will have Jake Simpson back and you to start thinking about areas where you can play and be better next year….Until your time in HS runs out, you have to be thinking about ways to beat your opponent/rival…..

    Have to love the opportunity……

  36. You guys amaze me! Page did win the game and they worked for it! But you guys are like mad high school girls or maybe that is an insult to high school girls. You make these little pot shots about Grimsley and then you say lets just move on!!!! BTW ,,, the final TD scored by GHS was involved a qb that had not taken a snap all season! as well as many other players that had not accrued a lot of PT. Mr. Footnall Fan, I’m sure you were at the game last night so I hope your comments about, “just admit it Page had the better team on the field last night” are bantering! Grimsley lost this game on mental mistakes and the like. Page moved the ball and so did GHS, Page completed passes and so did GHS act… You didnt shut us down as much as we collapsed on ourselves. We made several huge mistakes on special teams and emotionally we began to shut down after the wonderful call in which the referee overturned his own call from defensive holding to pass interference coupled with negating the his flag because he believed the ball to have been tipped (which it wasn’t)! I am by NO means blaming the officials or anything the like. We really showed our youth by imploding after that. Trust me , I have good friends at Page as well as GHS. I think I can be friends with these opponents because they are a little more objectionable in their comments than UU, John, Footnall fan, and Page fan. PS: All the vandals don’t attend GHS and I am In favor of playing at Page next year.

  37. Coach Turk, nothing on-line at HPE or at WS Journal and it isn’t much but here is what they had at MaxPreps…(You might see another score in the neighborhood of 71-0 next Friday night when HP Andrews plays Trinity….Trinity at (0-7) going in and they just got whipped by Randleman…)

    HERE is the report from MaxPreps on HPA-Atkins….

    (September 28, 2012: Winston-Salem, NC 27101) The crowd at Friday’s league contest between the T.W. Andrews Red Raiders (High Point, NC) and the host Atkins (Winston-Salem, NC), observed T.W. Andrews’s football squad bounce Atkins by a count of 71-0.

    The Red Raiders now own a 5-1 record. They play next when they host Trinity for a 2A PAC 6 outing on Friday, October 5. T.W. Andrews will confront a Bulldogs team coming off a 40-0 league loss to Randleman (Randleman, NC). The Bulldogs record now stands at 0-7.

    With the loss, Atkins moves to 2-5 on the season. The travel to Wheatmore (Trinity, NC) to confront the Warriors in a 2A PAC 6 outing on Friday, October 5. The Warriors go into the outing with a record of 3-4. Wheatmore lost 34-7 in their recent league outing against Carver (Winston-Salem, NC)

  38. Another whiner (Da Truff)…Go figure…My goodness this is sad…Even worse than I thought…I’m surprised that Greensboro isnt under water by now with all these whining babies…

    These so called pot shots seem to be coming from in house brah…So, get a clue…

  39. Da Truff, there was one improved team on the field that night at Jamieson Stadium and it was not the Whirlies. Grimsley had a chance to close the score to 21-20 (with a TD and 2 point conversion) after they picked off the pass during Page’s first 2nd half possession. They couldn’t move the ball. Page’s defensive stunts, blitzes and overall team speed was too much for Grimsley. Three times Grimsley had breakaway runs and the Pirates D was able to run them down each time. And yes, Grimsley collapsed on themselves. In the biggest game of the year. Page had turnovers, too, but overcame them. That’s what IMPROVED teams do.

    That said, Grimsley has a lot of fight in them and they did not quit. I respect that.

    However, Whirlie fans may need to worry less about the football team and worry more about other coaching at GHS.


  40. Just when you thought things had settled down and it was safe to go back in the water….A reminder to all to be very careful about what is said within the context of our conversations here in the world of social media….

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