High School Football Games coming up this week

Dudley at Southeast Guilford
Northeast Guilford at Southern Guilford
Ragsdale at Northwest Guilford
Grimsley at East Forsyth
Smith at Page
Southern Alamance at Western Guilford
McMichael at Northern Guilford
High Point Central at WS Parkland
Eastern Guilford at Rockingham County
Glenn at Southwest Guilford
Trinity at High Point Andrews


  1. Dudley at Southeast Guilford Dudley -2
    Northeast Guilford at Southern Guilford Southern -8
    Ragsdale at Northwest Guilford Pickem
    Grimsley at East Forsyth East -14.5
    Smith at Page Page -13
    Southern Alamance at Western Guilford WG -14
    McMichael at Northern Guilford NG -28
    High Point Central at WS Parkland HPC -35
    Eastern Guilford at Rockingham County ROC -17.5
    Glenn at Southwest Guilford Glenn -7.5
    Trinity at High Point Andrews HPA -36

    Vegas Mike

  2. I agree with your winners VM. I think Ragsdale will beat NWG. I think SEG will lose by at least a couple TDs.

  3. GFan,

    Did you see SEG play Dudley last year. Also, Petty 1st real action back was Friday night. SEG will not lose to Dudley unless they turn the ball over more than 2. VM line is an honest line. Your 2 TDs line is ridiculous.

  4. Andy, I had the opportuniy to talk to cleints from Columbia and they wanted to know where Otis Yelverton is. I am curious if any Northern fans would know where he is.

  5. As a matter of fact I did see SEG play Dudley in a very close game last year and last year is different than this year that’s why they change the numbers up by one each year. 🙂

    I think Dudley is a stronger team and the way the doormat of the Metro Southern Alamance hung so many points on you guys last week I think Dudley will beat you by at least 2 TDs. It’s nothing personal just my opinion. I might be wrong. I have been wrong before once or twice. I’m sure someone next week will remind me when you only lose by 2 as VM says.

  6. Obviously you didn’t see or read about last weeks’ game. Those points were scored when the reserves turned the ball over in our own territory. Fritz pulled the starters and let kid who normally wouldn’t see the field play. 3 TDs were scored on the starters.

  7. I have a kid on SEG. We will have to be plus on the turnover cat. and throw the ball around some to win. Dudley has a few more atheletes than we do.

  8. These are lines I put out there based on several research factors…. out of respect to some schools I will keep the lines a bit lower. If these games were simulated 100 times, I think this would be the median outcome: I use power ratings, where the game is at, injuries, etc…, again…. just something I do for fun.( but with plenty of thought)

    Vegas MIke

    Here is my outlook for this week.
    I think Grimsley keeps it close
    Ragsdale bounces back and wins a close one
    I think DUdley wins late, again
    I think Southern Pulls away in the 4th
    and the rest of the games arent even close.

  9. VM, I usually agree with your lines, they seem to be right on most of the time, here is what i have, what do u think?
    Dudley -6
    NG -40
    NW -3
    Page -17
    EF -18
    HPC -37
    WG -20
    HPA -42

  10. word from panther land, is that dudley is starting to get healthy. over their bye week they got quite a few players back from injury. Including 3 starters on defense including 2 that havent played so far this season. also i hear the big running back spencer abraham is back and ready to help carry the load at running back with the panthers. the 6’1 210 back looks good with the ball in his hands. look for him to make some noise in his first action of the year.

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