Who do you lay the blame on today? Atlanta Falcons burn the Carolina Panthers and the rest of the NFL Sunday Scoreborad

Who is to Blame for this Panthers’s loss??? Who is the culprit? Was it the QB, the DB or the coaching staff???

The Atlanta Falcons burned the Carolina Panthers today, I mean they really burned them late in the game, at the Georgia Dome…The Panthers had gone up 28-24 and then the Panthers’ defense stepped up and held the Falcons to a field goal and the Panthers maintained a 28-27 lead….Panthers moving the ball and they have shot at a first down and QB Cam Newton runs the ball on third down and he has the first down, but he fumbles it away, but the Panthers recover the fumble and they still have a shot at the first down, on 4th and one, but they decide to punt the ball away and not go for the first and then they get a great punt and the ball is downed at the Falcon 1-yard line and Atlanta has to go 99 yards for a TD and nearly 67 yards for that game-winning field goal…..The Panthers get burned on the first play from the one, as Falcon QB Matt Ryan(Boston College) hooks up with his ace wide receiver Roddy White, on a 59-yard pass play that gives Atlanta all they need and the Falcons are in field goal range after one play, from their one-yard line….The Panthers’ safety got burned and that safety was Nakamurao, according to Eugene Robinson and the Panthers’ radio crew….Eugene kept telling Nakamura to back up, he was way to close the receiver Roddy WHite….He needed to get back 25-30 yards and give the Falcon receiver some room…White ran right past Nakamura and burned him..I listened to entire end of the game on the radio, WKRR 92.3 and somebody is to blame on this one…The Panthers had it at two stages, up 28-24 and they still had the game, up 28-27…..Who is responsible for this, a game the Panthers had to win and a game that they should have won?????

Culprits….Do you take:
1)Cam Newton(He fumbled away that first down and the Panthers could have still been going down the field)…
2)The Panthers Coaching Staff(For not going for it on 4th down, they punted it on 4th down and if they got the first, they could have run out the clock…4th and one)…
3)The Panthers’ DB Nakamura….Not sure about the spelling, but that is how it sounds/think I got it straight…(He got burned/smoked on that pass from Matt Ryan to Roddy White…Should have been backing up another 25-30 yards and he could have made a stop back up field)….

Who do you take? You have three very good choices there…..

from www.espn.com:

Final Score/Top Passer/Top Rusher/Top Receiver
Atlanta 30, Carolina 28 Ryan 369 Turner 103 White 169
New England 52, Buffalo 28 Fitzpatrick 350 Bolden 137 Welker 129
Minnesota 20, Detroit 13 Stafford 319 Peterson 102 Bell 72
San Diego 37, Kansas City 20 Cassel 251 Charles 92 Bowe 108
St. Louis 19, Seattle 13 Bradford 221 Lynch 118 Amendola 55
San Francisco 34, NY Jets 0 Smith 143 Gore 62 Manningham 47
Houston 38, Tennessee 14 Schaub 202 Johnson 141 Daniels 72