More info coming in on African-American Studies classes at North Carolina:Football players needed real help, but weren’t getting it

This sort of thing probably does go on at cetain schools/colleges/universities and it probably seems like a good thing for the athletes, when they can get by and get a grade for just turning in a paper that someone else helped them write, but in the end, the student-athlete is being robbed of an education and they will not be prepared for the rigors of the work-world, once their athletic careers come to an end….So many of these kids are needing basic academic training when they enter college and many of them should not be in this type of so-called serious academic setting to begin with….Many of these kids are not prepared when they arrive on campus and they aren’t being taught anything and therefore, they are not learning anything, once they are at the school…Wasted trip to college and a waste of the taxpayers money…If the kid can’t cut the academic work they shouldn’t be at this school to begin with, or they need to be set up in an 6-year program, or have a totally different type of curriculum set up for them, that is UNC-Sytem approved and one that does not incorporate the mainstream student population….If you are going to run a bogus academic program for the athletes, then the rest of your (non) student-athletes should not be subjected to this type of academic training and they should be allowed to work to attain/receive the correct academic offerings that they paid for, when entered their chosen univeristy….

What has been going on here is sad and way too many student-athletes are coming away with nothing, no education at all and that is a waste of everyone’s time and money….Very sad that you can be enrolled as a student in a certain class and in reality, that class does not exsist at all…..As far as being in college goes, many of the football players had no business being at North Carolina to begin with. They should have been attending a junior college somewhere….Never should have been admitted to the university….

Here are a few of the comments from the tutors that were involved in the African-American Studies at UNC……from by way of the News and Obserer in Raleigh…..

When one tutor told the athlete support program’s assistant director, Beth Bridger, that she was discouraged with the work one football player turned in, Bridger told her not to worry.

“Just remember,” she wrote in a March 16, 2010, email, “guys are in this class for a reason — at-risk , probation, struggling students — you are making headway. keep it positive and encouraging!”

An E-mail by tutor Whitney Read reports about some study sessions and shows how little some football players cared about their classwork.

“People were just rude,” Read wrote about a SWAH 112 study session. That class was held in the first summer session of 2010, and was not a no-show class. “…people farting, watching videos on their computers, talking back, complaining,

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