Keep ‘Joe Pa’ in your thoughts today:Very important surgery for Ragsdale Tiger 3-Sport star Joe Pantuso

He is one of the good guys and once you’ve been to a Ragsdale football, basketball or baseball game and he is in the lineup, you won’t forget it….Jo Pa/Joe Pantuso is one of the key athletes at Ragsdale High School and when they start yelling his name, ‘Joe Pa’, at the games, you will remember him and we need to keep Joe Pa in our thoughts today, as he is undergoing very important surgery on this Wednesday….

Joe Pantuso is having ACL/MCL surgery today, resulting from a tear in the East Forsyth football game 2 weeks ago.

Hopefully, Joe Pa will be able to recover for the latter half of the Tigers’ baseball season….

Joe Pantuso had been a big part of Ragsdale’s success this year and we wish him a speedy recovery from his surgery….

Say a little prayer for Joe today and then go out and let a big “Joe Pa” yell…….


  1. My oldest went to preschool with Joe. Once you meet Joe or just hear the name you never forget him. Here’s hopes and prayers for a speedy recovery kid.

  2. Here’s to a speedy recovery Joe! We’ve really missed you on the field. Maybe you can put this downtime to your advantage in some way – Just trying to keep it postitive. 🙂

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