How can things be going so good one year and then end up going so bad the next?(David Amerson and N.C. State)

Things were going great for N.C. State and their secondary led David Amerson(Dudley High School) last season, but this year, the Wolfpack’s pass defense is next-to-last in ACC…The Pack will be facing E.J. Manuel and the Florida State Seminoles in Raleigh on Saturday and here are what the early numbers are saying:FLORIDA STATE 42-21.

The Miami Hurricanes bombed N.C. State down in Miami’s SunLife Staduim this past Saturday afternoon and many feel that is was the Pack’s worst game of the year, even worse than their opening effort versus Tennessee….David Amerson and the Pack secondary got burned bad at least five times(556 yards passing by Miami) and how can things go from being so good last year, when Amerson led the nation with 13 interceptions, to being so bad this year??? This has been a total collapse by the State defense and the burden and the blame, is falling on the Wolfpack secondary and their All-American David Amerson….

You hate to see the worm turn and the season become so hauntingly bad for David and his Pack teammates, but right now the season is on their backs….Being beaten badly and then getting hit with key penalties late in the game on Saturday, killed N.C. State….David Amerson feels like he has to cover the whole field these days and it simply can’t be done….He is going to have to get some help from Earl Wolff and his Pack teammates….

This seems to be getting worse each time the Pack plays the big games, with Tennessee and Miami being the heavyweights so far and it has to get better, or David Amerson and N.C. State are gping to be in a world of trouble…..Florida State is up next and what happens in Raleigh on Saturday? The Seminoles are already a three-touchdown favorite….

What happens in Raleigh, stays in Raleigh, but what is happening down there right now, is not helping Tom O’Brien and his coaching staff in their efforts to maintain employment…..

As the coach said earlier thiw week, “If this doesn’t get better real soon, this could get REAL UGLY”…….

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David, that’s David Amerson, we still have your back and we still feel like you will bounce back, as one of the top defensive backs in the Nation……Our Greensboro Group has to stick together…..