Will Alabama Coach Nick Saban be in Denton for the South Davidson football game on Friday night?

Saw a story about this on the WFMY NEWS 2 news last night and they were talking about the Twitter campaign, to have Alabama Crimson Tide football coach Nick Saban make an appearance, at the South Davidson Wildcats’ football game vs. Chatham Central, on Friday night….The game will be played at South Davidson, just outside Denton on Highway 109, down below Thomasville and just after you pass through Silver Valley…

This will be Homecoming for South Davidson and they just lost their football coach Mike Crowell this past Sunday….Crowell, who had coached at South Davidson for over 25 years, died unexpectedly on Sunday and this has been a huge loss for the Denton/South Davidson Community…..Coach Crowell coached both the football and wrestling teams at South Davidson High School….

Coach Crowell was a big-time Alabama Crimson Tide football fan and rumor has it, that the coach used to have his players sing ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ at some time during their football practice each day….There is also the word that he would have his men say the ‘Pledge of Allegiance’ after practice each day….Very patriotic and a very loyal Alabama fan….

WFMY and others have started this Twitter campaign to get Coach Nick Saban to attend the South Davidson-Chatham Central Homecoming Game on Friday night….Many of the South Davidson players and students are in on the tweets and this has gone nationwide and is now viral around the world…Eric Ebron, from Ben L. Smith High School and now one of the top receivers for the North Carolina Tar Heels, he has joined in on the campaign…Ebron is a well-known Twitter participant….

The Nick Saban to Denton Campaign, for the South Davidson Wildcats’ Homecoming Game on Friday night, is on…..Wonder if we will see Nick Saban arrive at the Denton International Airport on Friday afternoon and then attend the game, in honor of Coach Crowell, on Friday night???

I looked for a video link on this one at DigTriad.com, but could find nothing on it there today….Will keep and eye and ear out on this one….

Saban in Denton on Friday night???