UNCG Basketball Coach Wes Miller says NAVS 302 class at UNC was legit

Current UNCG Spartan basketball coach Wes Miller attended UNC-CH and he took the NAVS 302 class, along with 5 other Tar Heel basketball players and Miller says the class was legit….It has been said that the class required No tests, No quizzes, No exams and that you only had to do a 2-3 page, double-spaced mid-term paper, plus an Oral presentation, that you did as a group of 4-5 students and that was about it…

Wes Miller says he had to work in that class and that the Naval Weapons class was LEGIT…..

CLICK HERE to read more on this developing story from today’s News and Record…..

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  1. Andy, can we stop with the UNC stories? It seems as though there are so many people up in arms because of this situation. I can remember Leslie Stahl doing a story about Duke’s players getting degrees in Sociology never being bought to attention. Is this story getting so much press because it was concerning a course in African-American History? Andy, there are several types of “crip” courses in college, only because the students see them that way. Most kids who major in Engineering really dont see the need to take POLI-SCI courses. They look at them as crip. My son is working on a Masters in engineering and he hated those Liberal Arts courses…”They are a waste of time, dad”.

    I would like to ask some of those reporters and some of the people who post on line about their educational backgropund.

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