Jim Modlin Friday Night Scoring Desk – October 5, 2012

10:45 PM – Update #12 – Good Night

Dudley – 41
Southeast Guilford – 11

Eastern Guilford – 3
Rockingham County – 35

Glenn – 28
Southwest Guilford – 20

Grimsley – 7
East Forsyth – 42

High Point Central – 38
Parkland – 0

McMichael – 7
Northern Guilford – 58

Northeast Guilford – 27
Southern Guilford – 28

Ragsdale – 17
Northwest Guilford – 35

Rock Hill (S.C.) Westminster Catawba
High Point Christian
*****This game will be on Saturday night at Simeon Stadium in High Point….(7pm)******

Smith – 13
Page – 35

Southern Alamance – 40
Western Guilford – 49

Trinity – 0
High Point Andrews – 68

WS Atkins

Bishop McGuinness – 19
Surry Central – 41

Burlington Cummings – 28
Eastern Randolph – 33

Eastern Alamance – 41
Morehead – 6

Graham – 0
Jordan-Matthews – 34

Final OT
Ledford – 53
Southwestern Randolph – 52

North Forsyth – 44
Asheboro – 0

Providence Grove
Bartlett Yancey

Randleman – 21
WS Carver – 28

Reidsville – 6
West Rowan – 35

Thomasville – 24
East Davidson – 0

Western Alamance – 27
Burlington Williams – 7


  1. 13-3….Ricky Harris is killing us and for some reason SEG has abandoned the run. It doesn’t look good.

  2. 29-11 Dudley 3 minutes left in the 3rd. Dudley drove to start the 3rd and made the 2pt conversion. Petty was in the shotgun at QB and the ball went right through his hands and was recovered for another score making it 29-3 after another 2pt conversion. Petty just scored just ran it in and caught a 2pt conversion.

    Still have yet to stop Dudley on offense

  3. Ragsdale was driving late in the 2nd quarter looking to go up 21-7 but fumbled on the NWG 15 and lost all momentum and thus the game. Remember the name TJ Parker. Soph WR had the game of his life tonight and will be a star someday. Too bad it was in a losing effort.

  4. Hey kids need help, maybe it has a little bit more to do with better DNA on the Dudley sideline vs.what SE has. Once again a disgruntled SE fan that can’t face the truth.

  5. Jeremy

    Better DNA….? What are you talking about? You make absolutely no sense. If by DNA, you meant that you have a few more athletes, that might be true, but having athletes doesn’t guarantee you win even at the high school level. You still have to coach em’ up and the kids have to perform.

    This game SEG decided to unveil a passing attack. That’s not what they do. They still need to run the ball and mix in the pass. I wouldn’t say the coaching staff let the kids down, but I would say they had a bad night.

  6. Coach Davis out coaches the Southeast staff on a regular basis. So I agree. Coach Davis has the smarter DNA!

  7. Final score : Dudley 41 Southeast Guilford 11 ….. Dudley pretty much dominated the game throughout!! Dudley’s defense led by Stud linebacker Chris Register and Big DL Albert McLean shut down southeast ‘s wing t offense.. The panthers looked good

  8. Ugly game by SE, Dudley was clearly the better team, outplayed and outcoached, PERIOD!!

    Vegas Mike

  9. I thought the SE Dudley game would be a lot closer than 41 – 11 . Is Dudley that much better than SE?

  10. First off, i am a Dudley fan and was at the game tonight. Checked mt phone on the way out of the stadium to see some scores and saw this thread about the coaches at SE. I live in that area and every year there are a handfull of disgruntled SE fans that complain about their coaches, many of them are parents of kids that dont play. Damon, your brother is a good player and a good athlete, but Dudley has about a dozen kids that are just as athletic. SE has no one that can match Big Chris on defense or Graves on offense. Much of the game the SE D was in position to make plays , but Graves and company just beat them to the edge. Also heard some Dudley fans say tonight that the SE free saftey was out, that could of been why the pass defense was poor at times. Damon, you obviously love your brother and want the best for him, but athletes are exactly what made Dudley put 41 on the board tonight. SE rolled in 3A under the same staff, but I also see that they do not have enough speed to compete with the top 4A teams, that is just the facts. I have seen them play every year since either 04 or 05, and nothing has changed at SE, just the level of competition.

  11. Ragsdale game a tale of two halves. Herndon came out hot and made some good throws. Seemed as though our offense was clicking thru first hafl but getting backed up deep in own territory early in second half appeared to be a very pivotal part ofo the game. Not sure what happened during halftime. Late turnovers looked to be desperation throws. next 2 weeks will be big. tigers must turn it around fast. teams lose together and teams win together. lots to work on

  12. Mark is the TJ Parker kid part of the Cheyene Parker family and she had a brother that played basketball at Ragsdale…You are so correct, TJ Parker is a player and that kid is a great target out there as a receiver for Ragsdale….He will be one to watch over the next few years, #85 TJ Parker for Ragsdale….

    There is nothing wrong with the Southeast Guilford coaches….I think everyone is missing the point….It’s time to give some credit to the Dudley players….Dudley has some real talented kids and they might just be a bit ahead of SEG at this stage…….Who was doing it for Dudley on offense tonight, was it Graves or Hayes??? Dudley has some talent and SEG has an edge over most all of the Metro teams in baseball…SEG keeps working to catch up in football, but they are just not there yet, but the Falcons do have a good coach….Coach Fritz does a good job with that team and he is doing the best he can with what he has to work with….Hard to keep the fans happy when their expectations are too high……SEG needs to come back down to earth…..

    Metro with Page and Dudley now both at #1,,with teams at both (3-0)….

    Western Guilford(3-1)
    Southeast Guilford(2-2)
    Southern Alamance(0-4)
    *****Western Guilford at Dudley next week…..*****

    Piedmont Ttriad 4-A
    East Forsyth(4-0)
    High Point Central(3-1)
    Northwest Guilford(3-1)

    Northern Guilford owns the Mid-State 3-A…..Southern Guiford is now in charge of the Mid-Piedmont 3-A……High Point Andrews has control of the PAC 6 2-A…….

  13. Wow – interesting to see Page only one of three undefeted teams in conference. After their rough start looks like things might be heading in the right direction. Some touch opponents left – but good to see the team is finally gelling.

  14. My Vikings did work tonight! Great game guys. I think we have a very good shot to make a run in the playoffs this year. As for Reggie, ragsdale’s QB had a great game for the majority of the game, he is very athletic espically compared to kid that played for them last year. My boys pulled away in the 4th quarter due to turnovers, but Ragsdale’s QB was in a desperate situation. Also, don’t think it’s fair to say Ragsdale hasn’t played that bad in a while, we beat them last year with similar situations. Ragsdale’s QB from last year was viewed as one of the better pocket passers in the county and threw at pick at the end of the game to loose with the lead. Northwest has become a better, more athletic team and people need to start giving us the credit we deserve. I don’t think Ragsdale played “that bad” I just think we played that good. I also remember seeing a few years ago, an unbeaten ragsdale team getting beat a week or two after playing us by a Glenn team ranked last in the conference. Ragsdale is a good program, they win a lot, but when the loose it is ugly. Glad to see the Northwest Vikings coming out with the win now two years in a row against very good Ragsdale teams. Go Vikings!

  15. 3 TD’s tonight for Malik Moseley(Southern Guilford)…Richard Hayes III with 3 TD’s for Dudley…..Ryan Johnston with 3 TD’s for Northern Guilford with 2 on offense and 1 on defense….3 TD’s for TJ Logan….3 TD’s for Stubblefield for NEG….

    Just a few early numbers;……

  16. Ragsdale will be back….I don’t think we have seen the last of the Tigers….They have an off week next week and then Glenn, before the closeout game of the regular season with High Point Central in Jamestown……Don’t count Ragsdale out quite yet and NWG did put it all together tonight from being down 14-0, the Vikings battled back and they took over in that second half and again, that must have been one heck of game with Souithern and NEG…..Hats off to both of those teams for their Double-Overtime effort……

  17. The adjustments the NW coaches made at the half on defense were on point. Ragsdale was having some success throwing the ball in the 1st half and in the 2nd NW was all over the ball. I think NW had 4 Ints in the 4th alone 1 was a for a TD. Great team win for the Vikings!

  18. NWG- You have no clue what you’re talking about. Ragsdale has had your number for years. You guys
    Are one of the largest schools in the state and Ragsdale is the smallest 4a school in the
    State. You guys will be lucky to get by first round of playoffs so dont get too
    Cocky! Look at Norwoods record against Wooddruff and KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!!

  19. Dave chill man! Nothing wrong with fans being excited after beating a very good Ragsdale team. BTW Woodruff and this coaching staff is 3-3 against Ragsdale. If I’m correct he’s only been at NW for 6 years! So WTH are you talking about look at Norwoods record against Woodruff????? Looks pretty even…..Check your history before you start calling all of NW cocky

  20. Whats does the size of the school have to do with anything Dave? As far as the playoff’s NW has made it past the first round in the “big boy bracket” for the last two years respectively beating Scotland County and RIchmond County. Quite a bit different opening the playoffs against programs like that I’m sure you would agree! I understand though, I’m sure two consecutive back to back come from behind wins is a tough one to swallow

  21. One thing is for certain at NW, some things never change.

    Ragsdale stopped themselves last night.

  22. This is absolutely ridiculous. Friday night football is supposed to be fun and taken in the spirit of competition. These boys come out here each week after devoting long hours to practice, watching film, working out on the side etc. and all you people can do after a hard fought game like the Ragsdale/Northwest game last night is get on this site and act like immature idiots. Each week this is about the boys who wear these uniforms with pride as they fight for their school to win. And for them to work as hard as they do and then deal with adults making the types of comments that I am reading after a hard fought game like last night is just down right disrespectful to these young men.

    Both Northwest and Ragsdale have great football programs. Their coaches devote hours and hours to these teams and these boys and in most cases sacrifice their families to develope winning programs. So for those of you who week after week continue to post negativity and bash players, programs and their coaches, I say, get a life. Just because you didn’t achieve what you wanted out of life and are now trying to live vicariously through your sons to experience what you never did doesn’t mean you need to make others feel horrible in the process.

    My mom always raised me saying “if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all”!

    Congratulations to NW for their win last night. After a poor showing the week before, and alot on the line with this game, they “brought it” so kudos to them and their coaches for getting them prepared. Tough loss for Ragsdale but kudos to them for the season they are putting together. This conference is shaping up to be quite interesting heading in to the final weeks of the regular season.

  23. I have stayed away from talking about coaching and haven’t been critical of the SEG coaching staff for the last 8 years. Someone said ‘coaching staff continues to let kids down’. I said I wouldn’t say that they let kids down. I said they had a bad night. I’m sure that if you ask anyone associated with the program……..they would all say that they had a bad night (that’s coaches and players)

    Andy, I completely disagree with your statement about fan expectations being too high. ‘SEG needs to come back down to Earth’. Really? That’s what you choose to say. Your statement shows you have no clue about SEG. So, if it’s OK with you, they’re going to expect to beat Page in 2 weeks.

  24. Maybe the SEG fans expectation were not high enough; I mean did they pay off the REFS simply because it was homecoming??? I believe SE onlly had 2 penalties inspite of all the holding they did, but Dudley had atleast 10+ including a roughing the passer call on a completed pass??? Smh!!!! All the penalties were for naught since SE had no answers for Dudley on offense but the horrible zebras sure did they’re part to keep it close early………

  25. Paws,

    The better team won the game. That’s not an argument. It’s not even a question. BTW, you can have a roughing the passer call on a completed pass. Complete or incomplete has no bearing on the call. Congrats Dudley, and good luck moving forward.

  26. Parker from ragsdale did look good. In the first half he turned 3 jump balls into receptions. Big kid with great hands.

  27. Just trying to settle the SEG fans down a little bit Damon….Sometimes they get so highstrung for the games and if hey lose the letdown is so hard it nearly kills them…I know fans will be fans, but leave it in the hands of the coaches and the players and encourage both sides and give them support….After a tough loss they need your support more than ever….Supoort your players and your coaches…

  28. Is Northern primed for a three peat and how did they burst on the scene like they did and who’s better running back T.J Logan or Malik Moseley?

  29. Andy,

    I should have read the post a couple of times and probably would have got the context in which you meant it. My fault.

  30. Not a problem at all…I think we need to celebrate and congratulate the kids that won and still boost up and lift up the kids that lost last night…I may be wrong, but I think this site and the support of all of you that come on here, that support means a lot to these kids that are playing football….

    Good question on the Player of the Year honors….

    Would it be;
    Richard Hayes(Dudley)
    Malik Moseley(Southern Guilford)
    or T.J. Logan(Northern Guilford)???

    A good day to talk some football…

  31. Southeast Guilford 3 0 8 0 — 11
    SE — Will Greene 34 field goal

    D — Richard Hayes 6 run (Shaquail Green kick)

    D — Hayes 11 run (kick failed)

    D — Hayes 1 run (Hayes run)

    D — Naesza Fewell fumble recovery in end zone (Christopher Register run)

    SE – Jamal Petty 3 run (Ryan Craven to Petty pass)

    D — Edward Moseley 26 pass from Hayes (kick failed)

    D — Moseley 4 run (run failed)


  32. There’s a team close by (Kville) that doesn’t get a lot of attention on here but East Forsyth is for real. They should be playing in late November early December.

  33. You get a lot more from an athlete as a second year starter, versus first year starter. That extra year at playing varsity football can make a tremendous difference. Ragsdale had some key players out last night. And a couple of key players are first-time starters, including the QB, and WR(?), #85, who was actually, just recently, pulled from their JV team. I can say, with pride for these guys, that they handled the pressure like mature young men. Now, go show off the talent you have, and win the next 2 games!

  34. EF has some horses on offense. Great speed and size. Defense may be a little suspect. To be clear I am not referring to suspect with respect to last night’s game but suspect when they get to the second or third round of the playoffs. However if you put enough points on the board you don’t have to worry so much about having a great defense. I think EF will pretty much breeze by the remainder of their games and the first round.

    I guess they are so deep that they did not need to worry about getting a starter hurt last night. They kept their starters in well after the nonconference outcome was settled. I guess they were just keeping their guys working and finishing which will be important come playoff time.

  35. if t j logan does not get player of the year-there is something really wrong in the voting process

  36. Tigerfan, Ragsdale, qb is a senior..

    Logan is POY. Reed not even close. Fast kid but several ahead of him.:

  37. Reggie, got it; I know Ragsdale qb is a senior. This is his first year as a varsity qb, starter.

  38. East Forsyth with at least one kid 6’7/320 up front and at (8-0) only one team has been able to put up more than a touchdown on the Eagles this year and that was the High Point Central Bison and they posted 10 points withi a TD and the Will Johnson field goal….

    Don’t sleep on Ragsdale yet…They have week off to ready for the rest of their season and coming off of that break they will be ready….Sometimes when you get behind and you are forced to throw things don’t work out, but Ragsdale runs the right kind of football program and they will be back and their QB will be OK…Great kid and he knows what is at stake…..

  39. I think for Player of the Year on offense we hit on the top three candidates for right now, at this stage of the season, with Moseley, Hayes III and Logan and on defense?

    It might be Germaine Pratt(High Point Central), Ryan Johnston(Northern Guilford) or maybe Albert McLain(Dudley)….Let us know what you are thinking???

  40. I was at the Southern Guilford vs. Northeast game. I enjoyed it….watching it go to double overtime was thrilling. I just have one statement/question…I know Malik Moseley and Reggie Gallaspy guy are great running the ball…I think both have gone over 1000 yards already this season. Ultimately the idea is to win the game of course and I understand that running the ball has gotten Southern the record they have. I saw 2 passes the whole time I watch the game (maybe from second quarter on)..one the QB had the ball slip out of his hand, NE recovered and went on to score a touchdown. But then I saw another decent pass that set up or was the scoring pass for a TD for Southern. I just think you guys need a little more on the passing end. Can you win it all with always using two players and running the ball. I guess the receivers and tight ends feel like they are only out there to block the whole game. And the QB never gets to work on passing, just handing the ball off to the RB. I’m not saying abandon the run at all, it’s the strongest thing you got going, but when the opposing team only has to worry about 2 players running the ball, I don’t see that as a long term strategy for winning a championship!…GO STORM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. michelle – really…..practice is where you work on things….not the game…especially not in a game of that magnitude. get a clue. at one point the qb was 1-4 with two picks and a lost fumble(on that “slip” that you saw, as he tried to pass). let me repeat….1-4…3 turnovers!!!! however, i will say kudos to him…he got better and didnt keep that type of performance up the rest of the night. he made some good throws later..for sure. obviously…if he can prove in practice that he can get it done in the air…im sure coach brown will use his arm. its not about the qb, the RB’sor the receivers…its about the TEAM!!!!! your TEAM won! celebrate the TEAM.

  42. Malik Mosely is the best back in this county….simply because he is splitting time with the second best back in the county. TJ is good ,but TJ is their offense.

  43. TJ Logan= Player of the Year, PERIOD!
    Top 10 to ever come through Guilford Co.

    Vegas Mike

    GFan, how would u compare EF to last years Page? can anyone around here beat them? I think they have a good team and can make a deep run, just not sure I see them beating the big dawgs.

  44. Dual threat ………PERIOD

    Richard Hayes III
    742 passing yrds 4 TD
    1033 rushing yrds 19 TD
    TOTAL YRDS……1775
    Total TD’s………….23

  45. Michelle,

    I was also at the game last night…..I would say the QB was lucky to remain in the game after two picks and a fumble. He did hang in there and battle in order to help his TEAM get the win. However, the coaches have to do what is best for the TEAM. SG has two very good running backs and any coach would build the offense around the strengths. You are winning — if it isn’t broke, why try to fix it? If you are worried about the QB getting attention, what about the offensive linemen who have do their jobs each play (run or pass) and never get any attention unless it is for missed blocks or penalties? It takes each member of a TEAM doing their part in order to be successful in any sport. I don’t have a “dog in the fight” anymore, but I am a parent of a former football/baseball player at SG and those coaches are some of the best people you son will ever play for. Too often in our society the focus is on ME vs WE — especially in high school athletics. Like wow says — take pride in a great win!

  46. Vegas Mike – with regards to East Forsyth – nobody around here can beat them. They are similar to last year’s Page team. Senior laden – tough defense and multiple threats on offense. Their offensive line is HUGE. The QB is good but he’s not James Summers. The thing that set Page apart last year was how tough that defense played in the second half of games. They were behind to Ragsdale and Northern at the half last year and shut both teams out in the second half. They shut down both Butler and Mallard Creek in the second half. No small task.

    The question is what East can do once they finally get matched up with a team that can hang with them. And just like last year they will be in that 4AA Midwest pod that will include Richmond, Butler, Mallard Creek – all the best of the best. Page and NW Guilford are going to end up in that pod along with a couple other Charlotte teams. Can East Forsyth run that gauntlet like Page did last year? We’ll see.

    As far as Ragsdale goes – their season is far from over. Take a week off then hopefully take care of Glenn on the road then they will have a huge game on senior night against High Point Central Win those two games and Ragsdale, Central and NW Guilford will likely end in a three way tie for second and should get a home playoff game.

    Ragsdale has a good balanced offense with equal threats run and pass and a tough defense. The new kid at receiver, Parker gives Herndon a new big target to throw to. He certainly helps ease the loss of Pantuso who had some great games for Ragsdale this year.

  47. To add to Michelle the post are to give all the players praises. When a player stands out it’s ok to give them a shout out . The players are very humble and it’s the adults that gets a little wonky and that’s ok too. Bottom line people are projecting their school spirit. As sideliners we all are going to give our opinions but the bottom line is weather or not your son or daughter gets a golden ticket to the school they want to go too.. It is also part of the parents job to promote their child as well the coaches can’t do it all… So big props to all the kids getting named, I don’t care wjat high school they attend but what matters is what they do moving forward…..

  48. @VM
    EF is very strong. They do not however have all the tools that Page had last year. As others said they are HUGE and experienced. Their QB is intelligent and athletic but he is no Summers. Also as I said their defense is good against local talent but not sure how they would hold up against the Creeks and the Butlers. East is my alma mater so I will be pulling for them in the playoffs but think they will need more luck than Page to win it all.

  49. Michelle
    I think southern has lost 1 game all year. They have score a ton of points. Isn’t the object “to win the game.” It sounds like the coaches know what they are doing. Maybe you should just sit in the stands, watch the games, and keep your mouth shut. People amaze me.

  50. t j logan player of the year -northern guilford state champions-best coached team in the state-he gives his players all the credit-east forsyth will make it through round 1 maybe-it will be interesting to see how they do with the best of the best

  51. Michelle has an opinion and I’m glad she shared it with us….Southern got a nice pass for a TD last Friday night and we all know that their running game is going to be their bread and butter, with Malik Moseley and Reggie Gallaspy, but the Storm will need to keep fine-tuning their passing game as the season progresses….Big game for SG at North Forsyth this Friday…..North is (2-0) in the Mid-Piedmont Conference and the Vikings just beat Asheboro 44-0….North Forsyth is not a team that you can take for granted and the Storm have to be careful to avoid the letdown, coming off of the HUGE win over Northeast Guilford….No time to still be celebrating and we need more fans like Michelle to come on here and share their true opinion with us and then the rest of the readers can react and again, good to have Michelle and all of the SOUTHERN GUILFORD STORM fans in the house……

  52. Michele. Don’t take the words of one person calling you an idiot to heart. You r right. People will
    Focus on the two RB and try to shut them down. You have to have both.
    Good points. The people who call you an idiot are obviously those with
    One dimension minds.

  53. Ragsdale always has a tradition of good qbs last years starter Garrison was a better pro style qb. Now they have his younger brother colson as the qb and coach norwood as done a great job utilizing his athleticism. With the herndon brothers leaving the question whos is gonna step up next year

  54. Michelle isn’t offering an opinion. She is bashing what is going on at Southern Guilford. She is bashing the fact that the coaches are putting the ball in their best players hands the majority of the time. She is questioning the coaches and what they are doing. She should be jacked up that the Storm is having their season in a long time, just beat NE Guilford for the first time in recent memory, and have a chance to run the table from here on out. She doesn’t have an opinion, it sounds to me like she has an agenda.

  55. To Another Idea – I don’t think so. But maybe everyone else has one. You have to have both running and passing to make it for the long haul. Page has had their struggles this year and had to depend mostly on passing – now they have worked out the running too – so they have options. Only running the ball will get you so far against much bigger teams. But another idea and others – you are entiled to your opinion and so is Michele.

  56. Southern Storm has been the season surprise. Yes, we must give credit where credit is due, and with that being said the Storm has 2 RB’s that have showed everyone what they can do and have proved it in the numbers. However…….there are 9 other players on the field including the QB. And if you watch between plays you will see the coach calling the plays on the sideline. When these plays are called the QB is doing his job to make these plays turn out the way they were intended. As was the play Friday night when it appeared there was a bad snap back to the QB or was it? Maybe the snap was intended for the RB to catch and take off with the ball, because that same play has been done several times this year. But since we don’t really know what the plays are and maybe the RB’s or QB or Receivers are having a bad night and trying their best to overcome their mistakes, we have inconsiderate comments placed on this blog about the players not doing their jobs on the field. But as most of you see, you only see the bad plays on the QB or the RB’s or the backfield. I feel the QB had a rough start on Friday night, but it takes talent to overcome a bad start and several bad plays to come back and help your team win the game.
    I spell TEAM without an I.

  57. Obviously another arm chair QB, once behind the center with pressure to make perfect decisions and passes. I say pick up a helmet and show us. Otherwise watch as a QB struggles get better to help his team win! When they lose or fail he takes the blame #11.

  58. SE has not had a good Football team since 1995, probably the best team they have ever had… I think they were 13-1 and were as athletic and big as any team they have ever had… This years SE team, and years past would get absolutely crushed by this team. Just ask Tommy Norwood, he will tell you. Just saying, not hating on them, its just the truth! They also had the best baseball team, same kids that won the Palomino World Series, they just couldnt win the States like they do every year.

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