Looking at the Top Defensive Player/Players in Guilford County

We are getting some good discussion on our Player of the Year, for this stage of the season and we need to maybe branch out and look at the Top Defensive Player in Guilford County….

I know you have some thoughts on this one and some of the names that we have already been seeing and valid they are as they have been hitting the pages of the sight and what are your thoughts on this topic….

Some of the names we have been hearing about so far…..
Germaine Pratt(High Point Central)
Rubin Crosby(High Point Central)
Ryan Johston(Northern Guilford)
Albert McLain(Dudley)
Duncan Sparks(Ragsdale)
Winston Craig(Ragsdale)
Brian Nwokolo(Ragsdale)
Carter Stanley(Page)
Grant Brewer(Page)
Chris Register(Dudley)
Ethan Tingler(Northwest Guilford)
Kevin Parrish(Northwest Guilford)
Rayshawn Mayfield(Grimsley)

*****If you bring in the kicker, we see the lean going toward Will Johnson from High Point Central and if you look at the athlete, you have to look toward Reid Baxter(NWG), Tyrek Able(Smith) and again, T.J. Logan(Northern Guilford)……*****

+++++Just some good areas for Guilford County Football discussion….+++++


  1. Please put Grant Brewer on the list from Page High School. Grant has been a critical part of the defense along with Stanley this year.

  2. Chris Register of james b dudley high school should win this award easily. The kid is a monster and has an college body and room to grow. He already has offers from the big schools such as clemson,tennessee,unc,Duke, and has intrest from Usc,Florida,Alabama,Florida state basically all the big dogs. The kid is the real deal and hope he commits to Alabama so we can continue to win national champonships! Go Chris

  3. Chris register is without a doubt the best defender in the county! He might be the best junior defensive player in the state. The Kid is a MONSTER! There are times in games where the kid is unblockable!! I have seen all the kids on this list play, and I think without a doubt Register is the best of them all! He has tremendous size and great athleticism! He has tons of room to still grow as well. Register still isn’t anywhere close to the size of his father who stands at 6’8. if Mr. Chris gets anywhere close to that you will see him playing on Sundays without any doubt!!

  4. Register is not close to the best defender in the County. He is however very talented and one day he may be the best, but he is not there now. He has offers from schools based on where they think he will end up in 2 years, not where he is now. good player and fine young man but not the best in the county……………….yet. BTW, I’ve seen almost all these kids play as well. At times he can dominate and at times he is easily blocked. He’s not the only kid that has offers. Some just don’t flaunt it. I would agree that Register appears to have the most upside potential. He has a chance to be the top player in the state in 2 years.

    Probably the two most athletic kids that are ready to play in college now are Pratt at HPC and Forrest at EF. Craig at Ragsdale is close followed by Register, McLain, Nwokolo, Sparks, Brewer, Crosby, and one not mentioned yet, Andrew Schultz at Western Guilford. Don’t hear much about him because his team is having a tough year but he can play.

  5. I agree with the comments that Register may be the best in the County one day but not TODAY! Northern blocked him all over the place. TJ Ruff goes unnoticed but has been making game saving plays all year long.

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