New Guilford County Top Ten High School Football Poll

Here’s how the new poll looks and it takes into account that this team beat that team and certain teams are playing at a higher level now than what some of the other teams are….

1)Northern Guilford(7-0)
2)Southern Guilford(6-1)
3)High Point Central(6-2)
4)Northwest Guiford(6-2)
8)High Point Andrews(6-1)
9)Southeast Guilford(5-3)
10)TIE:Northeast Guilford(5-2)/Western Guilford(4-4)

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  1. I think for the first time in 4 years I am dead on with you and your poll! lol…. wouldnt change a thing.
    Western Guilford(4-4) at Dudley(4-3) Dudley -10
    Grimsley(2-5) at Smith(0-7) Grimsley -7
    Page(3-4) at Southern Alamance(2-6) Page -24
    Western Alamance(6-2) at Eastern Guilford(2-6) WA -14.5
    Glenn(3-4) at High Point Central(6-2) HPC -18.5
    Southwestern Randolph(3-5) at Northeast Guilford(5-2) NEG -15
    Northern Guilford(7-0) at Rockingham County(7-1) NG -14
    Northwest Guilford(6-2) at WS Parkland(0-8) NW -28
    Southern Guilford(6-1) at North Forsyth(4-3) SG -5
    Southwest Guilford(1-7) at East Forsyth(8-0) EF -30
    High Point Andrews(6-1) at Randleman(5-3) HPA -8

    Vegas Mike

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