North Carolina Basketball team academics ‘A’ OK with coach Roy Williams

There has been a lot of talk recently about the University of North Carolina and the academics of their men’s basketball team and team leader, coach Roy Williams, says all is fine and that everything is ‘A’ OK, with his Tar Heel basketball team, as they head into the first day/night of practice, for the 2012/2013 season….

Practice begins tonight at the Dean E. Smith Center in Chapel Hill, with the ‘Late Night with Roy’ session and then it is on to the start of the regular season, coming up early in November….Roy still says his men are clean and they have been clean and there is no problem with the classes that they have been taking, or with the classes that they were taking, during his time as Heels’ head coach….

Roy also says his health is ‘A’ OK and that he is ready to coach and his team is ready to play, or they should be ready to play after a few weeks of hard work in practice….

Read more about this subject, from David Morrison at the News and Record, when you CLICK HERE….


  1. Been saying that for years. Also been cheating for years. And again,why should we trust him?

    What did everyone expect him to say? We’ve been cheating our butts off? They have not come clean yet and they won’t start now.

  2. Dan Kane is an investigative reporter who is very good at his craft.
    He was the one that took down former NC House Speaker Jim Black.
    If a seasoned politician such as Black cannot survive Dan Kane’s efforts, don’t expect a basketball coach that is only used to dealing with sports reporters to either. Roy is in Kane’s crosshairs. Roy is in trouble.

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