Langston Wertz Jr. says the HS Football Overtime distance is too short with 4 downs for the 10:Should be 4 downs from the 25

Lanston Wertz Jr., from the Charlotte Observer, says the high school football Overtime rule of 4 downs from the 10-yard line, for both teams, is WAY too short and they ought to go with the college rule of 4 downs from the 25-yard line and what do you think??? Here is the good word from Mr. Wertz and when you stop and think about it, it does seem to be WAY too short….In college after a certain number of tries you have to go for two when you score and that also makes sense…..

Langston Wertz Jr. from the Charlotte Observer:

I really don’t like the high school overtime rule. Teams, alternating possessions, get the ball at the 10-yard line with four downs. You keep playing until one team wins.

Ten yards is just too short, and it leads to coaches – more often than not – deciding to not play for OT.

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*****Good topic and we have seen OT twice in the past two weeks…..Southern-NEG and Grimsley-Smith…..*****


  1. I agree with him in principle but I think the one of the main reason to have it as 10 yards instead of 25 yards is because most high school teams do not have a consistent kicker that can make a field goals from the 20-25 yard line (or translates into a 37 or 42 yard field goal). Most high school kids cannot kick further than 25 yards (total) with a consistent effort. Thus, you actually cannot start further back than the 15 yard line.

  2. The 15 would be good in that a team could make one 1st down w/o scoring. Also if they threw 3 straight incompletions to begin OT then a 32 yard FG is decently makable.

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