Key High School Football Games to be looking for/at this Friday night

We have been adding games to this list all weekend long and this is how it all stands, as of Monday morning….

Dudley(5-3/4-0) at Page(4-4/4-0)…..Each team at (4-0) Metro 4-A and this should be for the Conference Championship….

East Forsyth(9-0/4-0) at Northwest Guilford(7-2/4-1)….If NWG wins they could still be part of a three-way tie for first in the Piedmont Triad 4-A….Would be the third straight year for NWG to finish in a tie for first and it could end up NWG, EF and HP Central, depending on what Central does at Ragsdale in two weeks….

Southeast Guilford(5-3/2-2) at Western Guilford(4-5/3-2)….Winner probably ends up at #3 and loser #4 in Metro….

Ragsdale(6-2/2-2) at Glenn(3-5/2-2)….Winner could end up 3-4 in Piedmont Triad and the loser could be at 4 or 5…..

High Point Andrews(7-1/4-0) at WS Carver(3-4/3-0)….Huge game next Friday night for the HPA Red Raiders….

Plus we have North Forsyth(3-5/2-1) at Northeast Guilford(6-2/2-1)….Southeast Guilford(5-3/2-2) at Western Guilford(4-5/3-2)….And we have Ledford(5-3/2-1) at Southern Guiford(7-1/2-1)…..Those last three could be big ones too…..Effecting the Mid-Piedmont 3-A and the Metro 4-A…..Another to watch and this one will effect the Mid-State 3-A and that is the game involving Rockingham County at Eastern Alamance….Both teams are (7-1/4-1)….


  1. The Whirlies might have something to say about the number 4 spot if they beat SA on Friday night and Western gets by SEG.

  2. Grimsley has a good shot to beat Southern Alamance, but boy that Dudley game at Dudley is going to be a tough one for them….WG has a good a chance to top SEG on Friday….Last game of ‘regular’ season for Western…….

  3. If we beat SA and lose to Dudley remember SEG has Page in their last regular season game and as you recall we beat SEG head to head. Just saying.

  4. If SE beats WG and Grimsley beats Southern Alam. That would cause a 3 way tie for 3rd and there would have to be a draw.

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