North Carolina coach Roy Williams sees UNC going the way of the NCAA and doesn’t see the Heels ready to jump out of a window

The NCAA is getting ready to make some academic changes and they are looking to move the academic requirements up from the current required 2.0 GPA for entrance, to a much tougher 2.3 required Grade Point Average….

UNC-CH outgoing chancellor Holden Thorp wants his university to impose even tougher academic standards than what the NCAA is suggesting and Chancellor Thorp wants all of this to come down hard on the future student-athletes at UNC and he wants to see it happen sooner that later…

Thorp says it is time to crack the whip and to let the academic forces take over and make sure all students are in line with bottom-line/hard-line academic requirements…..Chancellor Thorp wants North Carolina out front and center moving ahead of the NCAA and creating their own means of stringent Academic Reform and he wants it to begin right away…

UNC basketball coach Roy Williams says his Heels will be ready to follow the new NCAA guidelines, but that he nor his players are ready to jump out of a window, getting caught up in the academic reform, that chancellor Holden Thorp is outlining…..

Here is what Coach Roy Williams was telling those that were in attendance at today’s ACC Media Day/Session in Charlotte:

“I’m not so sure everything that appeared is exactly what Chancellor Thorp meant. I personally don’t think that anybody in the ACC is going to try to do any of those measures before everybody else does them. I’m not trying to criticize my chancellor because I love him to death, but there are some things that can’t be done. It’s just not right, not fair, you’re not giving somebody time to prepare.

“I don’t know that that’s going to be done. I think North Carolina always has some high standards — we’re going to always have — and I’m not against those whatsoever. But I don’t see, in my own mind, I don’t see us just jumping out of the window and doing something crazy now.

“We’ve had a problem, we’re trying to fix the problem, we’re making a lot of changes for the problem, but, to me, we’re trying to move ahead. The whole NCAA has got some new entrance requirements that are going into effect, and I think North Carolina will go along with those. If something is done earlier, I don’t have any idea. Nobody’s told me we’re going to do those things.

“I’m not worried about that. Four [weeks] ago, I was wondering if I was ever going to freaking coach again. You think I’m going to worry about what the hell we’re doing in 2016?”

Above comments in bold print from North Carolina Tar Heel basketball coach Roy Williams and from today’s News and Record on-line with David Morrison….
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