Jim Modlin Memorial High School Football Scoring Desk – October 19, 2012

10:30 PM – Update #11

HP Andrews – 43
WS Carver – 3

Dudley – 20
Page – 28

East Forsyth – 28
Northwest Guilford – 24

HP Central – 58
Southwest Guilford – 0

High Point Christian – 55
Forsyth County Day – 0

Ledford – 6
Southern Guiilford – 56

Morehead – 8
Northern Guilford – 44

North Forsyth – 28
Northeast Guilford – 17

Ragsdale – 20
Glenn – 7

Smith – 14
Parkland – 18

Southeast Guilford – 35
Western Guilford – 7

Southern Alamance – 21
Grimsley – 38

Williams – 50
Eastern Guilford – 21

West Stokes – 21
Bishop McGuinness – 14 (OT)

Asheboro – 29
Southwestern Randolph – 16

Burlington Cummings
Bartlett Yancey

4th Qtr
Eastern Randolph – 43
Graham – 7

McMichael – 0
Western Alamance – 66

Randleman – 37
Wheatmore – 0

2nd Qtr
Reidsville – 14
Providence Grove – 7

Final OT
Rockingham County – 17
Eastern Alamance – 20 (OT)

WS Atkins


  1. It was the game of a running QB in Hayes and a passer in Putnam from Page tonight. Hayes had some good runs and passes but Putnam hit his receivers all night long. Hayes still one of the fastest QBs I have seen around.

  2. HPCA 55 Forsyth Country Day 0 Good overall team effort. Quentin Chavis threw for 136 yds on 6 for 8 and 2 TD’s. Geoffrey Wall had 2 TD’s one running for 30 yds and 1 kickoff return, Rick Mack had 1 receiving for 40 yds, Malik Streater had 1 receiving for 55 yds, Tristan Gilmore had 1 running, Ridge Boykin had 1 running and David Highsmith had 1 fumble recovery in the endzone for a TD.

  3. Nice win by Grimsley tonight. SA players got chippy at the end of the game and best I could tell a SA coach took a swing or two at one of our players after the game. Police had to step in to sort it out. I guess it has been a very long season for the floormat of the Metro. Classy bunch from Alamance County.

    Thanks SEG for taking care of business tonight. Gives my Whirlies a chance for the playoffs.

  4. All I can say about the NW East Forsyth game is wow! One of the hardest hitting High School games I’ve seen in awhile. Both teams went back and forth and in the end NW came up short. NW shouldn’t hang their head they played great and will be a tough test for anyone who draws them in the first round. Keep the kid from E.F. who went out with a neck injury in your prayers everyone.

  5. Easy Gfan. I wasn’t at the game tonight, but I can tell you a couple years ago, while your Whirlies were losing 50-6 to these same Patriots, your players started throwing punches. The coach is inexcusable, but for players, it can be expected during a losing season. So before you get all high and mighty, please make sure your hands are clean.

  6. Patriot,

    An incident two years ago has no bearing on last night. I just pray a Coach wasn’t involved. That would mean assault charges and career over. I would hope and pray that no one in a leadership position over children would be that reckless.

  7. This seems to be a pattern of behavior with the kids and coaches at Southern Alamance. They don’t handle the losses well. They did the same thing in basketball last year at their place against Page. In fact there was a football coach who was standing on the baseline who came on to the court during the game. The parents don’t handle the losses any better and tend to make excuses for the poor behavior.

  8. Jordan Putnam, Tevin Morrison, Justin Neal, and Jalen Gavin put in one of the most impressive performances that I have ever seen at the high school level. Jordan was something like 27 for 34 in completions for close to 250 yards, and those receivers were pulling down those catches and playing lights out. Dudley was tough and take nothing away from them, but besides two fumbles Page offense was a petty thing to watch last night.

  9. I didn’t say that the incident from two years ago had any bearing on tonight. I simply said that there have been incidents in the past by the Whirlies, who have also been in the Metro cellar before. My main point was defending the players, as things do tend to get chippy during a rough season, and you will see that from any school. It was simply unnecessary to call out a whole school and team based on a little chippiness at the end of a rough year. Also, you might notice where I said the coaches actions were inexcusable, and I do hope there are some disciplinary actions. That truly embarrasses me.

  10. Sending thoughts and prayers out to #9 and his family from EF who was carried off the field last night. One of the scariest injuries I have ever witnessed at a game. Does anyone have an update?

  11. Good points, Page Fan. The Pirates really turned things around this year. Putnam has grown into a fine quarterback. I think he came into his own with the Grimsley game. Last night’s performance was his best, and all his receivers played well, too. It was great to see senior Jonathon Lynch come up with the big interception deep in Page territory to stop a potentially game-tying drive by Dudley.

    Dudley’s team is tough, tough, tough. Lots of big hits from their defense. In fact, a few of their big hits were questionable. They got away with several late hits, horse-collars and hands to the facemask. When Page took over after Lynch’s interception, they ran #48 to the right side of the field, in front of the Page bench. The runner was clearly out of bounds and a Panther defender knocked him back down. That hit finally earned Dudley a personal foul penalty, and a costly one at that, for it moved the ball close to midfield. After that, Page sailed down to the Dudley 3 yard line before going into victory position.

    Dudley’s quarterback had some huge runs. They have plenty of speed.

    Kevin Gillespie and his staff deserve credit for turning around an 0-4 Page team. The Pirates have clinched at least a share of the Metro 4-A conference title. Great job, Pirates!

  12. …and John let me go on record as saying I will be the biggest Page fan in Guilford County…next week as they take on SEG.

  13. I heard there were scouts from Carolina, Alabama, and Duke at the game last night to take a look at Featherstone from Page and possibly some of the Dudley players. Wouldn’t surprise me if they show some interest also in several of the Page defense and offensive players. Lots of talent on both sides of the ball.. to John’s point Putnam has really turned up the heat along with his receivers. Anyone looking at him for QB next yeat.?

  14. Putnam appears to have the talent to play at the d3 level next year., Gavin also has good speed. Should get a shot when his time comes.

  15. Havelock has a trio of players that are being compared to TJ Logan, one of the most impressive teams (speed wise) I have ever seen at a high school level. I agree with Page Fan, very impressive last night for those youn men…. We have some good talent here in NC and the playoffs should be a BLAST to watch. GL to all Guilford Co teams….. again, if u have a chance to watch Havelock, or just highlights… please do, its almost jaw dropping!!

  16. I think those scouts at the Page-Dudley game were taking a long look at Lorenzo Featherston from Page and Chris Register from Dudley…Both young men are underclassmen and they are tall, 6’6/6’7 and they have a huge upside…..As they say, the coaches are coaching them up….

  17. ” well thats all folks page 5-4 wow a underfeated conference and get a ” wild card playoff bert if lucky enough and lets see this quarter back putnam is not better then james summers this new quarter back has destroy the pirates family football coach g you got to put your starter on the bench for the playoffs

  18. “Ragsdale Fan” – you don’t know what you are talking about. Putnam and Summers two totally different style of QB each with excellent skill sets. If you are truly a Tiger fan, don’t worry about us pirates – worry about your own wild card. We are in the playoffs…

  19. Anyone who was at the game last night knows that Page is not only the best team around here, including EF, but the best in
    The State. Putnam is definitely a D1 QB. Look out for the Pirate!

  20. Ragsdale fan — wild card seed? Page is the Metro 4A conference championship, and earned the #1 seed out of the conference. Please get your facts straight.

    Pirate Ship — While Page is gelling and looking better as a team, I’m not sure we can say all that just yet. I think we are good enough to beat a team like East Forsyth, but we would most likely have to play Butler first, and they are a different animal this year.

  21. Sounds like that one Ragsdale fan might be a former Page Pirate fan, that jumped ship back early in the season, when the waters got deep….

  22. Everyone at the game last night knows who the best team around here is, they beat both Dudley and Page this year.

    That’s right – GO NIGHTHAWKS – THREE PEAT!!

  23. Nighthawks – Page would take you today. They would have taken you if not for the bogus calls on your field after Page scored their second touchdown.

  24. I concur with Nah.. Page was robbed of that game. Held Logan to under 80, the only time this season.

  25. To Nah and regap,
    Page starts 0-4 and the only team you have beaten with a winning record is Dudley….coulda, shoulda, woulda won the first 4 games…I suppose..scoreboard is all that matters after the game…..good luck in the playoffs

  26. If Page was to play Northern Guilford again Logan will tap dance all over the field. Page just got a boost of confidence back, dont blow it it with dumb opinions about playing Northern again……Not even close……….

  27. You lost to Northern Guilford. I’m sure that they are an improved football team also. Enjoy the fact that you beat and get ready for SEG on Friday

  28. Page the best in the state…Whatever…I am an alum of Page and I believe in boosting confidence but your pushing it too far…Lets see how this week plays out…But I do back all my Guilford County Teams in the playoffs..We know Northern is going all the way for the 3 peat and I hope the rest do….

  29. Us fans can say whatever we want to (just like a lot of you Northern Fans were saying last year if you were to have had a rematch towards the end of the year you felt like you could have taken Page), but none of it really matters except the scoreboard.

    Now with that being said Damon, I can assure you that Page players and their coaches have nothing but SEG on their minds. They know SEG will give them everything they got, but those Pirates have went through a lot of crap this season and have started to gel a bit and want no part of a shared championship…

  30. I think if you check the record….I said that Page was the team to beat and maintained that stance even during their struggle. SEG won this past Friday as Petty missed game 4 due to injury. With or without my brother, they can compete with Page. Coaching Staff and players need to bring their A game.

  31. You got two teams in Page and SE of which you never know who is going to show up. My early line is Page -9… that is assuming Petty doesnt play. I stated before the regular season even started that (GC) would not have a state champion…. and Im sticking to that… I just dont know if Logan can carry them all the way this year. I will be pulling for them, but dont be “shocked” to see them get beat, and beat bad. As always, good luck to all GC teams.

    Vegas Mike

  32. Food for thought:

    Last 4 in – Watauga, Laney, Lumberton, Hopewell
    First 4 out – Grimsley(by 3rd place tiebreaker), Holly Springs, Ardrey-Kell, Mooresville

    Tiebreaker scenarios used here:
    W. Guilford wins 3rd place tiebreaker over SE Guilford and Grimsley in the Metro Conference.

    High Point Central wins 2nd, NW Guilford 3rd, and Ragsdale wildcard in Piedmont Triad 2nd place tiebreaker.

    4AA West
    1) South Caldwell (10-0, #1)
    8) Lake Norman/Myers Park/Providence (5-5, WC)

    4) Hough (9-1, #2)
    5) West Mecklenburg (8-2, WC)

    2) Mallard Creek (9-1, #1)
    7) Lake Norman/Myers Park/Providence (5-5, WC)

    3) Olympic (7-3, #1)
    6) Lake Norman/Myers Park/Providence (5-5, WC)

    4AA Midwest
    1) Butler/East Forsyth/Richmond (10-0, #1)
    8) West Forsyth (5-5, WC)

    4) Page (6-4, #1)
    5) Independence (9-1, #2)

    2) Butler/East Forsyth/Richmond (10-0, #1)
    7) NW Guilford (7-3, #3)

    3) Butler/East Forsyth/Richmond (10-0, #1)
    6) Vance (8-2, #3)

    4AA Mideast
    1) Jack Britt (9-1, #2)
    8) Cary/Lumberton (5-5, WC)

    4) Fuquay-Varina/Pinecrest (6-4, #3)
    5) Hoke County (8-2, WC)

    2) Scotland (8-2, #2)
    7) Cary/Lumberton (5-5, WC)

    3) Fuquay-Varina/Pinecrest (6-4, #3)
    6) Green Hope (6-4, WC)

    4AA East
    1) Garner/Leesville Road/Middle Creek (10-0, #1)
    8) Athens Drive/Laney (5-5, WC)

    4) Wakefield (9-1, #2)
    5) Wake Forest-Rolesville (8-2, #2)

    2) Garner/Leesville Road/Middle Creek (10-0, #1)
    7) Athens Drive/Laney (5-5, WC)

    3) Garner/Leesville Road/Middle Creek (10-0, #1)
    6) Heritage (6-4, WC)


    4A West
    1) AC Reynolds (8-2, #1)
    8) Hopewell (4-6, WC)

    4) Alexander Central (6-4, #2)
    5) Rocky River (8-2, #3)

    2) TC Roberson (9-1, #2)
    7) Watauga (5-5, WC)

    3) Sun Valley (7-3, #2)
    6) McDowell (7-3, WC)

    4A Midwest
    1) North Davidson (10-0, #1)
    8) Reagan (7-3, WC)

    4) Davie/High Point Central (8-2, #2)
    5) Mount Tabor (6-4, #3)

    2) Porter Ridge (9-1, #1)
    7) Ragsdale (8-2, WC)

    3) Davie/High Point Central (8-2, #2)
    6) W. Guilford (4-6, #3)

    4A Mideast
    1) EE Smith (9-1, #1)
    8) East Chapel Hill (5-5, WC)

    4) Dudley (6-4, #2)
    5) Terry Sanford (7-3, #3)

    2) Hillside (8-2, #1)
    7) SE Guilford (6-4, WC)

    3) Lee County (8-2, #2)
    6) Northern Durham (6-4, #3)

    4A East
    1) New Bern (10-0, #1)
    8) SE Raleigh (6-4, WC)

    4) Southern Durham (6-4, #2)
    5) Hoggard (8-2, #3)

    2) New Hanover (9-1, #2)
    7) Pine Forest (7-3, WC)

    3) Clayton (8-2, #2)
    6) Knightdale (7-3, #3)

  33. If Grimsley wins they go in as #2 in Metro regardless of any other results. If Grimsley loses and SE wins, SE and WG go. If both Grimsley and SE lose it will be decided by a coin toss not a tiebreaker.

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