I think we might be seeing a return of Scott Stankavage at Cardinal Gibbons and Northern Guilford needs to keep an eye on this kid

Scott Stankavage was a passing machine for the North Carolia Tar Heels back in his day and now they have another Stankavage in the high school ranks, down in the Triangle, at Cardinal Gibbons and you just got to think it is his son….The new one is Shawn Stankavage and he went 20-30 for 202 yards and 2 TD’s back on Friday night, in a win by Cardinal Gibbons, over Hillsbourgh Orange….

Here is the beat on Shawn Stankavage at Cardinal Gibbons….from HS OT at WRALSportsFan.com…..www.wralsportsfan.com
Gibbons got the go-ahead score Friday with 6:38 to play, on a 14-yard pass from Shawn Stankavage to Trevor Zaruba. It was the second time they had connected for a score in the fourth quarter.

Early on, the Crusaders’(Cardinal Gibbons) unbeaten record looked to be in jeopardy, as they turned the ball over on downs with 1:35 to play in the second quarter. With a 14-6 lead, the Panthers had a chance to put Gibbons in a deep hole before the half.

Instead, there was an apparent miscue in the Orange (7-2, 3-1) backfield, and Sean Motley’s option pitch was off the mark, and Gibbons recovered.

Just over a minute later, Stankavage punched in a 1-yard run, and then followed with a 2-point conversion to head to the locker room tied at 14-14.

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  1. Son of Scott Stankavage and former UNC swimmer and assistant AD Sue Walsh. Pretty good genes for an athlete.

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