James ‘Trey’ Chapman(WES) verbally commits to play college basketball at VMI

James Trey Chapman 6’6″(SF)out of Wesleyan Christian Academy basketball has verbally committed to attend the Virginia Military Institute.

Chapman(Class of 2013) will join former High Point Christian Academy and Page HS player Jordan Weethee at VMI….

Champman is an outstanding player and he will be part of a Wesleyan high school basketball squad this season that will feature Chapman, Theo Pison, Jaquel Richmond and a new Trojan that is also creating some heavy recruting stir, Harry Giles…

WES is coached by former Maryland Terrapin Keith Gatlin and their upcoming games this season with the Greensboro Day School and High Point Christian Acadmey promise to be Sell-Outs….

Congratulations to Trey on his way to Lexington, Virginia and the historic Virginia Military Institute…Ron Carter, who played for the LA Lakers and played in the 1976 NCAA Regionals at the Greensboro Coliseum, played at VMI…I saw the Keydets that year at the Coliseum…Keydets at the Coliseum again???

Trey Chapman is now a future Keydet…


  1. Congrats to Trey Chapman and his family….The hard work really paid off and now the hard work is just beginning!

  2. I do it all off of memory like with Ron Carter and VMI and Ron was also in the movie ‘The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh’ in which Dr. J played the star player of the Pittsburgh Pices….Lots of names out here and there is another kid out there at WES that used to play at Dudley and his name is off the chart right now…DeShanstock or something in that neighborhood….We got a million on them to keep up with and glad to them all some pub…..

  3. Figured out where the Grimes part comes from….Ragsdale used to have a real solid linebacker by the name of ‘Trey’ Grimes…That is where that one was coming in from….

  4. Congrats to Trey Chapman.

    Wesleyan shouldn’t lose a game to any North Carolina team this year.

    Chapman will be a solid back up in the post to Gilmore and Carelock this upcoming season.

  5. Not to get into this discussion to early but to “Hoops” – you stated “Wesleyan shouldn’t lose a game to any NC team this year”. Have you paid any attention to who is returning and coming to schools like HPC, GDS, QE, and Christ School. All of these teams along with WES can compete against nearly any team in the top #15- #50 in the country. In fact, it is only because they will beat up on each other that none of them will enter the top #20 this year. I think all of these teams deserve a top 50 ranking but they are not playing enough of the national talent to get such a ranking. QE and Christ School will play more high level teams and WES has some good tournaments this year. This area currently has the best basketball talent that has ever been seen over a 3-4 year period (probably in all of NC history). I wonder if this is the perk of basketball for our area or is this just the beginning of a consistant line of high end talent (mid major/major D1 players).

  6. Trey has developed so much since the end of the high season til now. His aggression and ball handling have improved greatly. Trey will be the difference makers in big games for wesleyan.

  7. Agree with you “Best in NC”.

    Watch out for High Point Christian. Just plain watch out. Tough first game in Mouth of Wilson – but it will be interesting. Maybe this will be the year the HPCA – WCA games will be at HPU.

  8. Congrats to Trey. Very nice kid. He will provide good spot minutes off the bench when the main guys need a break.

    I agree with Hoops. The Trojans should not lose to any NC team.

  9. Truly it will be tough for Wesleyan to go undefeated in North Carolina since playing Greensboro Day,High Point Christian and Christ School twice will definitely be tough games to win. Quality Education will be a tough feat also. WES definitely have the talent if they can put the pieces together they have 10-11 solid players. Pinson, Richmond, Carelock, Giles, Spencer, Blake, White, Gilmore, Chapman, Buckland will all contribute to the success for the Trojans this year. They definitely have a number of Div. one prospects on their roster and season will be here shortly so it will be interesting, the outcome for this team. Also congrats to Trey Chapman well deserved and great kid.

  10. Is the Gilmore name you mention, Donovan Gilmore??? That kid can be a monster inside and Carelock is one of the names that I was looking for earlier this morning…..GDS should be right there with Lucas, Terry, Dillard, Goldston, McGee, Hairston and more….

  11. Yes Donovan Gilmore is the kid I am referring to. He should and can be great help to WES. He has alot of potential especially to be so athletic. With Gilmore, Giles, Carelock and Chapman they could create problems for teams in the post since all these kids are athletic and can play. True GDS will be also good like always but will look to see what inside presence they will have, guard play won’t be an issue for sure. HPC seem to have inside and outside presence which should be very good. Mike Kobani will be tough inside along with Big Chuck, and Baldwin and Kent will hold down the guard play. I think with these teams it will come down to who is hitting shots on that given night. I hope I am able to catch every game these teams face each other, this will be exciting for the Triad. Pinson and Richmond should be a great duo also they both are receiving offers from major schools I hear.

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